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I Chose Centerstone of Indiana
A video about Centerstone Indiana and why our clients, staff and board members are proud they chose Centerstone.

I Chose Centerstone of Tennessee
A video about Centerstone Tennessee and why our clients, staff and board members are proud they chose Centerstone.

Play VideoReclaiming Lives
A video about Centerstone and our organization's purpose.

Play VideoWhat to Expect on Your First Visit
An overview of what to expect on your first visit to Centerstone, including general information about what services we provide and the Centerstone philosophy of care. You may find it helpful to have our Client Brochure available while watching this video.


Centerstone of Indiana Services

Addiction and Forensic Services
Former convicts can get a second chance through Centerstone's Addictions and Forensic Services program. Made possible by a U.S. Department of Labor grant, we will help 400 former criminals in Bloomington, Ind. deal with mental health or addiction problems and find employment so they can provide for themselves and their families.



Project CARE
Indiana has the fastest growing prison population in the region, more than triple that of neighboring states Ohio and Illinois. 81% of offenders have a substance use disorder. Centerstone's Project CARE helps those still in prison and recently released.




Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment
Co-occurring Disorders Treatment is for adults who have a mental illness and a substance use disorder. The program offers intensive outpatient therapy, intensive case management, psychiatric treatment, medication management services, supportive services, family education and counseling, coordination with physical health services, and aftercare referrals.



Susan Gillpatrick's Wellness Series

for WSMV 4 News Nashville 

Play VideoBalancing Your Life
Six Tips to Bringing More Balance into Your Life
Play VideoThe Power of Personal Choice and Control
Four Common Areas of Stress
Play VideoCaring for Our Seniors
Senior Wellness
Play VideoSpring Clean Your Life
Four Tools from Gardening 101
Play VideoDealing with Difficult People
Communicating through Conflict
Play VideoStop Procrastinating
 It's Never Too Late to Stop Procrastinating!

kNOw Depression

Play Video Meet Tiana
In the aftermath of her grandmother’s death, Tiana feels numb.
Play VideoTiana's Mom
Tiana’s mom noticed the change in her daughter and together they got Tiana the help she needed.
Play VideoMeet Matt
Matt is overwhelmed by the pressure to excel in school and sports.
Play VideoMatt's Parents
Depression can destroy a teenager’s personality, causing an overwhelming sense of sadness, despair or anger.
Play VideoMeet Erica
Erica resorts to stealing, alcohol, and drugs to avoid her problems.
Play VideoErica's Mom
Many people with depression, anxiety or other illnesses resort to abusing drugs and alcohol as a means of self-medicating.


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