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Holiday Honor Gifts

Share the impact of your giving by honoring a colleague, friend or loved one through a holiday gift.

A Holiday Honor Gift recognizes important people in your life and delivers life-changing care in honor of your intended recipient. Any donation to Centerstone can be a Holiday Honor Gift by requesting that a notification be sent to the person you are honoring. We’ll need to know your honoree’s name and email address in order to send an acknowledgement of your gift with the card below. Or if you’d rather, a card can be mailed to your honoree by providing his/her street address. You, as the donor, will still receive a thank you letter and a receipt for tax purposes.

Donors who would like to recognize or thank a Centerstone employee may wish to consider a Holiday Honor Gift designated for Centerstone’s Area of Greatest Need, which enables all Centerstone employees to provide extra care and support to the clients/patients we serve.

All individuals who are honored through Holiday Honor Gifts are recognized in Centerstone’s annual report, unless you (the donor) request otherwise.

Honorary Gift Card - Warm Wishes

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