Heather Rossi – Manager of Wrap-around Programs

Heather Rossi is a peer facilitator and manager of Centerstone Military Services’ wrap-around programs, including military services online classes and support groups. She joined Centerstone Military Services in 2012, fulfilling duties as a moderator, facilitator and assisting with retreats.

Prior to joining military services, Rossi spent eight years on active duty with the Air Force and two years with the Air Force Reserve, deploying in support of multiple operations around the world. She also spent 17 years as a military spouse experiencing multiple deployments and relocations.

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Rossi was commissioned through the school’s ROTC program. After leaving the military, she secured an MBA and earned several other certifications in business.

Her hobbies include carting her three boys to random events that are usually located on opposite ends of town, re-learning middle school math and trying to squeeze a run in every few days.