Kathryn Mathes, PhD – Vice President for Research & Evaluation

Expertise in:
  • Mainstreaming Evaluation
  • Mixed Method Evaluation Design
  • Gender Responsive Evaluation

Kathryn Mathes is the Vice President of Research & Evaluation. She has been with the Research Institute since 2007 and has functioned in the roles of Senior Program Evaluator, Director of Evaluation and since 2012, VP of Research & Evaluation. In this role, she provides leadership, management, supervision, and oversight for all program evaluation and clinical research protocols and is part of the Centerstone Research Institute Leadership Team.

Dr. Mathes has a particular interest in mainstreaming evaluation within the organizational culture so that services, intervention strategies, therapeutic approaches and programs are continuously improved using evaluation findings. She has expertise in qualitative and mixed-methods evaluation designs that are gender-responsive, participatory and utilization focused.

Mathes earned a PhD from Cornell University’s Department of Human Service Studies, majoring in Program Evaluation and Health Care Administration; she holds a MS in Community Health and Nursing Education, a BS in Nursing and a Nurse Practitioner Certification. Over her 36-year work history, she has served active duty  in the US Army Nurse Corp; worked as a surgical and community health nurse; nurse practitioner;  associate professor in a school of nursing, and she was the CEO of an evaluation consulting firm, BECS, Inc.

She is a member of the American Evaluation Association where she is active in the Feminist Issues in Evaluation, Program Theory, Mental Health Services and Diversity Topical Interest Groups. She won the 2014 Centerstone Research Institute CEO Appreciation Award for Outstanding Performance & Commitment and the 2015 Howard T. McClung Award for Excellence in Leadership. In 2018, Mathes completed her Executive Leadership Certification from Cornell University.

Publications and Honors

  • 2018– Completed Executive Leadership Certification from Cornell University
  • 2014 – Centerstone Research Institute CEO Appreciation Award for Outstanding Performance & Commitment
  • 2015 – Howard T. McClung Award for Excellence in Leadership

Hanauer, M., Sielbeck-Mathes, K., & Berny, L. (2018). Invariance of Recovery Capital Across Gender, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation in a Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program. American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse. doi:1558228 (in press).

Sielbeck-Mathes, K. (2018). Speaking Truth to Power: A Lean Six Sigma Approach to Addressing Health Care and Health Outcomes Disparities Among Women. Presentation at the American Evaluation Association Conference, Speaking Truth to Power. Cleveland, Ohio.

Sielbeck-Mathes, K. (2017). Mental Illness & Health Disparity, Understanding Intersectionality for Vulnerable Women, the Last Best Hope. Presentation at the American Evaluation Association Conference, From Learning to Action. Washington, DC.

Sielbeck-Mathes, K., Sewall-Martin, K., Benton, J., & Connolly, B. (2016). Designing an Evaluation System That Fosters Organizational Learning, Accountability, and Performance by Developing an Evaluative Mindset. Presentation at the American Evaluation Association Conference, Evaluation + Design. Atlanta, Georgia.

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Sielbeck-Mathes K., Chappell E., Reiserer, R., Wohltjen, H., Shuran, W., McInerney, E. (2015). Effects of Intensive Family Preservation Services in Rural Tennessee on Parental Hopefulness with Families Affected by Substance Use. Child Welfare Journal Vol. 94, No. 5.

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Sielbeck-Mathes, K., VanRegenmorter, C. Wallace, H., Cleek, H., & Selove, R. (2013). Impact of Early Labeling, Diagnosis & Treatment of Children Zero to Five: Implications Today and in the Future: A Review of the Literature. Nashville, Tennessee: Centerstone Research Institute.

Sielbeck-Mathes, K. & Selove, R. (2013). Solving Research Dilemmas Related to Implementation Fidelity. Presentation at the Seattle Implementation Research Conference. Seattle, Washington.

Sielbeck-Mathes, K.  (2012). The Complex Ecology of Everyday Life: Socially Constructed Definitions, Nonverbal Cues, and Interpersonal Interactions that Perpetuate Gender Inequity and Power Asymmetry. Paper presented at the American Evaluation Association Conference. Minneapolis, Minnesota.


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