Robert Boxley – Director of Clinical Education

Expertise in:
  • Childhood and Adolescent Disorders
  • Care for Marginalized Populations
  • Adult and Senior Issues
  • Integrated Care
  • Police/CIT Education


Dr. Robert Boxley

Dr. Robert Boxley is the Director of Clinical Education at Centerstone, a nonprofit health system specializing in mental health and substance use disorder services. As the Director of Clinical Education, Boxley directs the didactic and training experience for Centerstone’s APA-accredited doctoral psychology internship consortium, provides clinical supervision of staff and PsyD practicum externs, and conducts comprehensive psychological and psychoeducational assessments to assess for personality characteristics, occupational readiness, child custody and discharge planning.

Boxley has been with Centerstone since 1998 and has more than thirty years of clinical experience as a provider of individual, couple, family and group therapy. He has assessment experience for government agencies (DCF, DJJ, DOC) and the courts in matters related to competency-to-stand-trial and substance use evaluations, as well as some specialization in psychological testing, depression and anxiety, autistic spectrum disorders, child and adolescent counseling, and residential and school-based care .

Boxley has extensive community involvement outside of his role at Centerstone. He is a founding member of the National Coalition of Graduate Medical Education Coordinators, and is a Board Member for several organizations, including the Postpartum Society of Florida and the Florida Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association.  He also serves as a Field Advisory Committee Member for the University of Southern Florida’s School of Social Work.

Boxley holds doctoral and master’s degrees in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Georgia State University. He is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of Florida.

Past Presentations:

  • Boxley, R (2020). Managing Serious Workforce Reactions to Community-wide Stressors. Workforce Wellness Webinar Series, Manatee Chamber of Commerce, Bradenton, FL.
  • Boxley, R. & Sheshani, S. (2020) Helping Sad-Mad Children Be Less of Both: Interventions for DMDD Children at Home and School. Florida Behavioral Health Conference, Orlando, FL. (Conference canceled).
  • Smyth, C & Boxley, R. (2020) Gamification of Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Children and Adults. Florida Behavioral Health Conference, Orlando, FL. (Conference canceled).
  • Boxley, R and Gary, T. (2020). Building Resilience for Those at High Risk for Vicarious Trauma. Webinar for the 12th Judicial Circuit Court Staff, Sarasota, FL.
  • Grodner, K., Garcia, K. Garcia, Y. & Boxley, R. (2019) Cortisol-Sensitive Neuropsychological Implications of Lifelong Environmental Stress and Marginalization: Implications for the Aging LGBT+ Population. Diversity Conference, National Louis University, Tampa, FL.
  • Boxley, R. & LeWallen, D. (2019) Screen Time and Children: An Evidence-Based Approach to Helping Parents and Clinicians. Florida Behavioral Health Conference, Orlando, FL
  • Boxley, R. & Rabines, M. (2019) Moderating Anger Expression in Our Patients: The Mechanisms and Treatment of Rage. Florida Behavioral Health Conference, Orlando, FL.
  • Boxley, R. (2019) Artistic Expression and the Brain. Florida Creativity Conference, Sarasota, FL.

Recent Publications:

  • Boxley, R. (2017, Aug 30). The Facts And Only The Facts About Medical Marijuana. Retrieved from www.reachoutrecovery.com.
  • Boxley, R. (2017, Jul 21). A First Aid Kit To Treat Your Mental Health At Home. Retrieved from www.reachoutrecovery.com.
  • Boxley, R. (2017, Jul 7). 7 Tips For Family Survival This Summer. Retrieved from www.reachoutrecovery.com.
  • Boxley, R (05/21/2014) Letter to the Editor: Pot’s impact on youth far too destructive. Bradenton Herald Newspaper.

Professional Affiliations:

  • National Coalition of Graduate Medical Education Coordinators, Founding Member
  • PostPartum Society of Florida, Board Member
  • National Center for Creative Aging, Member
  • Florida Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association, Member
  • American Psychological Association, Member
  • NHSC Ambassador, National Health Service Corps


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