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Centerstone of Kentucky provides a variety of services to the people in McCracken County and in the surrounding counties of Western Kentucky. If you're ready to start building better tomorrows and are interested in learning more about how we can serve your needs, please call 270-443-1317.

In addition to outpatient services, we offer IMPACT Plus, as well as Guardianship and Representative Payee Services at our Kentucky location.


IMPACT Plus provides behavioral health services to children and youth who are experiencing significant mental health problems. Services are provided to children, youth and their families. Therapy, care coordination and therapeutic support are provided in a convenient location. This is a short-term, intensive intervention program designed to support the child/adolescent and family.

Guardianship & Representative Payee Services

We all want to make decisions for ourselves.  What happens when we can't?

As a leader in the human services field in Western Kentucky, Centerstone offers critical services to seniors and others needing an advocate or help managing their finances and other critical decisions.  We can assist people who either have difficulty with decision-making  or who cannot voice their decisions. We believe in the inherent dignity of all our clients and serve them with compassion and professionalism as we work on their behalf.

Challenges related to aging, disability or other factors may limit an individual’s capacity to make his/her own decisions.  The Centerstone’s Representative Payee Services and Guardianship/Conservatorship Services can help seniors and others live more productively and safely when complete independence is not possible. Our staff is bonded to insure our client’s assets and we are approved by the Social Security Administration as a Representative Payee.

Planning Ahead

Are you a senior adult who does not have family in the area or has outlived your family? Centerstone staff can meet with you to discuss aging  services in Kentucky’s Purchase Area and answer questions you may have about decisions facing you.  We can help you choose who your "voice" and advocate will be should you ever need help.  We are available to meet with you and plan so that we can be your "voice" when you need one.

Guardianship/Conservatorship Services

For those individuals who need a voice, we are here to serve as their Guardian or Conservator.

Guardianship is a legal appointment by the district courts. The rights of an individual who has been judged unable in the eyes of the court to take care of themselves will be given a guardian to watch over their rights. If appointed by the court, Centerstone can serve as guardian and make crucial financial and other decisions on our clients’ behalf.

Conservatorship is also a legal appointment by the district court. Conservatorship means taking care of and protecting the client’s finances and resources. If appointed by the court, Centerstone can serve as Conservator for our clients.

Representative Payee Services

For those individuals who need assistance with management of their Social Security Benefits, we are here to provide that service as a Representative Payee.  We work with our clients to help manage their bills and financial obligations.