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Leadership - Military Services

Board of Directors

Tom Mahler, Chair
Mike Enos, Vice Chair
Wes Pass, Secretary
Kent Crossley, Executive Director
Terri Ogden, Executive Liaison
Ann Campbell
Matthew Ellis
Addison Folcher
David C. Guth, Jr.
Scott R. Himes
Jon Lopey
BG Eden Murrie
Jeffrey Nahley
Chris Schickling
Raghu Upender
Robert Wheeler

Centerstone Military Services

Kent Crossley – Executive Director

Kent Crossley’s 30-year military career began as a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point followed by Infantry and Special Operations assignments. These include assignments with the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Commander, 364th Civil Affairs Brigade in Iraq, Chief of Analysis, Integration and Dissemination for Army Lessons-Learned, and Joint Lessons-Learned Team Leader. Overseas deployments include Operation Joint Endeavor (Bosnia), Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Kent holds two Master level degrees; one from Portland State University and the other from the U.S. Army War College.

Colonel (Retired) Crossley retired from military service in 2010 and returned to serve as a defense contractor with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization in Washington. There, he assisted reducing improvised explosive device implementation in Afghanistan, defeating enemy networks using these devices and fielding equipment to detect IEDs.

Crossley served 15 years as a U.S. Forest Service civil engineer culminating in an assignment as the Forest Engineer for the Plumas National Forest. Before coming to Centerstone Military Services, Kent formed Libre Energy Utility Professionals, LLC, a small business that reduces energy consumption in commercial and industrial buildings. In September, 2015, Crossley, a Wounded Warrior Project Alumni was selected as the Executive Director of Centerstone Military Services, part of Centerstone. Centerstone Military Services provides resources and mental health care to Service Members, Veterans and their families. He serves as a Board Member for the Middle Tennessee Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America and USO Volunteer.

He is married to Deana Crossley, Clinical Director for Samaritan Recovery Community located in Nashville, TN. They live in Fairview, a small community west of Nashville.

Melissa Bagnall – Director of Clinical Services

Melissa Bagnall is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has more than 10 years of behavioral health experience. Prior to joining Centerstone, Bagnall was with the United States Department of Defense, where she worked on a Training and Doctrine Command military installation and provided embedded behavioral health services for the 1st Engineer Brigade in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

As an Embedded Behavioral Health (EBH) provider, Bagnall engaged service members and retirees in individual, couples and family counseling. She organized and assisted with the implementation of all behavioral health services for the 1st Engineer Brigade in collaboration with other designated EBH providers for the Chemical and Military Police Brigades on the post.

She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in social work from the University of Memphis, minoring in non-profit management, and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Missouri-School of Social Work.

Bagnall and her husband, who served in the U.S. Army, have three boys and live in Waynesville, Missouri.

Anna Goletz – Clinical Services Manager

Anna Goletz is the Clinical Services Manager for Centerstone Military Services. She supervises a team of clinical support specialists that locate the right counselor for veterans and military family members requesting services, maintains credentialing of each provider through Centerstone’s corporate policy and engages public and government organizations in the mission of Centerstone and Centerstone Military Services. 

As a military spouse for the last decade, she has experience with both active duty and National Guard life. Goletz has extensive knowledge as both a mental health counselor and military spouse that aids in her passion for helping other military families and spouses. 

Prior to joining Centerstone Military Services in 2017, Goletz worked as a clinical therapist for Centerstone of Tennessee and as a Program Coordinator for the community based services offered to children and families in the Middle Tennessee Area. She has been a devoted Centerstone employee since 2009. She obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology from Argosy University, and a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University.

Anna’s hobbies include spending time with her family, camping in Tennessee state parks, traveling or playing in their back yard. She loves to cook and hosts dinners and parties in the family home as frequently as possible.

Heather Rossi – Manager of Wrap-around Programs

Heather Rossi is a peer facilitator and manager of Centerstone Military Services’ wrap-around programs, including military services online classes and support groups. She joined Centerstone Military Services in 2012, fulfilling duties as a moderator, facilitator and assisting with retreats.

Prior to joining military services, Rossi spent eight years on active duty with the Air Force and two years with the Air Force Reserve, deploying in support of multiple operations around the world. She also spent 17 years as a military spouse experiencing multiple deployments and relocations.

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Rossi was commissioned through the school's ROTC program. After leaving the military, she secured an MBA and earned several other certifications in business.

Her hobbies include carting her three boys to random events that are usually located on opposite ends of town, re-learning middle school math and trying to squeeze a run in every few days.

Ken Jones, Ph.D.

Ken Jones is a combat veteran who facilitates individual and group combat debriefings for active duty military and veterans struggling with the effects of combat trauma. He helps spouses and children of veterans and service members adjust to the changes they may experience after their loved one returns home from active-duty.

In 2008, Jones published “When Our Troops Come Home,” a recount of his personal experiences and how he overcame the combat induced traumatic stress he had encountered during and after his service. More than 100,000 copies have been distributed for free through social media.

One of his primary skills is his ability to translate concepts and behaviors into language that warriors and their families understand. The "Heart Conversations" Jones has with family members of returning soldiers are another aspect of his work with combat survivors.

Pamela Jacobs, J.D.

Pamela Jacobs, J.D. has facilitated online courses and support groups, as well as in-person trainings, for Centerstone Military Services since 2014. She is an advocate, speaker, author and attorney who has worked with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence for over 17 years.

She currently speaks to professionals nationwide, including military service members and leaders, about how to respond effectively to victims/survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, as well as how to stop these epidemics before they occur. She also works directly with survivors to help them reclaim their power after physical, sexual or emotional abuse.

Jacobs has served as the director of a statewide advocacy coalition, as a family life consultant for the military, and has advocated for survivors in court, the media, and the legislature. Her recently published book, entitled “the Empowered Advocate,” helps professionals feel motivated, prepared and inspired to serve survivors of sexual assault and abuse as well as to take better care of themselves. As a survivor of abuse, as well as a military family member, she is passionate about her work and committed to helping the military community create connection and healing.

Jacobs conducts several classes including Beyond Surviving, Healthy Relationships, and Military Divorce Support. View upcoming classes

Karen Francis – Clinical Peer Specialist

Karen Francis is a clinical peer specialist at Centerstone and facilitator for Centerstone Military Services. She works with counseling support to find the right counselor for individuals requesting services, and she moderates online Facebook groups including Trench Talk and Trench Talk Parents, providing a safe environment for group members to discuss difficult topics related to caregiving. Francis works with veterans and military spouses on career readiness and searching for employment. She is a great resource on employment within the spouse community.

As a military spouse since the 1970s, she has experience with both active duty and National Guard life. As a team, she and her husband (and their son) have faced deployments to Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. While in the Guard, Francis worked with support groups such as the Family Readiness Group to connect with the Guard and civilian groups. Currently, they are now part of the contractor world with the US Army facing 'deployment' assignments once again.

Prior to joining Centerstone Military Services in 2011, she worked as a paralegal, working for plaintiff and defense firms, as well as the Minnesota Attorney General’s office. When her family moved to Virginia, Francis became heavily involved in spouse groups, advocating for military and veteran families, crisis lines and suicide prevention.

She obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland University College, a Master’s in Psychology from Capella University and a Global Career Development Facilitator certification.

In her spare time, Francis does fiber arts, learning to weave and augment her knitting passion. Besides her husband, three cats rule her household. Her son, who is an Army veteran, brings his daughter to visit "Nana" and "Chief" for summers, ensuring a fast-paced summer full of day trips and fun.

Crisis Line: 866.781.8010