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  • Career Connect

    Career Connect is a set of free evidence-based, employment-focused services and wraparound supports designed specifically for young adults, ages 18 to 24, who have had any form of involvement with the criminal justice system. Utilizing a Career Pathways approach, participants will learn new work skills, obtain certifications or degrees and develop opportunities for lifelong… Read More

  • Case Management Services

    Through Case Management Services, Community Support Specialists partner with individuals, children, and families to assess needs, access services and manage crises. Read More

  • Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

    Centerstone Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment is for adults, age 18 and older, who have a mental illness and a substance use disorder. Evidence shows people with co-occurring disorders respond better when their therapy combines treatment for both. Based on the Hazelden Co-Occurring Disorder Program, this approach to treatment recognizes there can be complex challenges for those with… Read More

  • Continuous Treatment Team (CTT) for Adults

    This multidisciplinary, community-based team is comprises a psychiatrist, nurse and community support specialist who provide intensive treatment, rehabilitation and support services to adults with severe mental illness. Read More

  • Courage Beyond

    Courage Beyond, a program of Centerstone Military Services, provides free confidential programs and services to service members, veterans, and their loved ones facing post-traumatic stress disorder and other invisible wounds of military service. We empower service members and their loved ones through a supportive online community, therapeutic retreats, eGroups and a 24-hour crisis line.… Read More

  • Criminal Justice Liaison

    Criminal Justice Liaisons provide a continuity of care for individuals who have been incarcerated or are at risk of incarceration in designated counties. Goals include providing early identification of individuals with mental illness within the county jails; diversionary options and/or resources, consultation with law enforcement, county personnel and court officials, training, education,… Read More

  • Crisis Call Center

    Through its Crisis Call Center, Centerstone offers help to individuals and families experiencing a mental health crisis. The Crisis Call Center also provides telephonic and enhanced follow-up care. All services are completely confidential and callers are also provided resources for follow-up care. 24-Hour Crisis Hotline 800.681.7444       Read More

  • Crisis Management Strategies

    Centerstone helps businesses develop and implement crisis response strategies and techniques through its Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) services. Our Crisis Management Strategies team responds to and develops procedures before, during and after the effects of traumatic events. Whether the need arises as the result of an on-the-job accident, natural disaster or external threat,… Read More

  • Crisis Respite

    Crisis Respite offers supervised residential care (up to three days) for adults in crisis who need time away from their home environment, but do not require hospitalization. Read More

  • Customer Care Call Center

    The Customer Care and Crisis Call Center assists individuals in locating and obtaining needed behavioral health services by selecting resources most appropriate for their needs. All initial appointments are set through the Customer Care staff. Additionally, the team serves as a resource for the public through provision of information regarding behavioral health services. The Custer Care… Read More

  • Early Childhood Services

    Centerstone’s Early Childhood Services is a collection of FREE grant-based services for pregnant women and families with children, prenatal through preschool. Services are provided in-home and are designed to help strengthen families physically, mentally and emotionally. Some free services include: Family Education and Health Promotion Regional Intervention Program (servicing… Read More

  • eRecovery

    eRecovery provides treatment for adults with mental illness and addiction who are involved in the criminal justice system. The service coordinates collaborations with the 12th Judicial District Drug Court and community providers to provide treatment for mental illness, substance use and co-occurring disorders. Technology is used to enhance and improve access to treatment. This free… Read More

  • Forensic Evaluation Services

    Through Forensic Evaluation services, Centerstone performs competency and mental condition evaluations at the request of courts. Read More

  • Health Link

    Centerstone Health Link: Providing Whole-Person Coordinated Healthcare Integrated Centerstone Health Link is designed to deliver whole-person, integrated behavioral health and primary care coordination. Upon enrollment, a dedicated team of professionals will help you access the medical care and mental health services you may need, with flexibility to support you in the most effective… Read More

  • HIV and Substance Abuse Prevention

    HIV and Substance Abuse Prevention provides age-appropriate substance abuse and HIV prevention services to at-risk young adults. This free program is provided through a grant from the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration/Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. Read More

  • HIV and Substance Abuse Prevention (Get REAL)

    HIV and Substance Abuse Prevention (Get REAL) provides evidence-based services designed to reduce the onset of substance abuse and transmission of HIV/AIDS with youth ages 12–17. Prevention Specialists facilitate the evidence-based curricula Keepin’ it REAL and Be Proud! in weekly small-group sessions and the Outreach Specialist provides community-based education and outreach. This… Read More

  • Housing Services

    Centerstone Housing Services are available to individuals with a history of mental illness who are in need of a safe, stable and affordable place to live. We have many types of homes and services available, each offering a high-quality, caring environment for our residents (225 total beds). Let us help find the ideal housing option that best meets your needs – call us today at… Read More

  • Intensive In-Home Treatment

    What is Intensive In-Home Treatment? Centerstone’s Intensive In-Home Treatment is an in-home intervention program for families of children and adolescents ages 3-18 with acute emotional problems. The program works to keep children and their families together by providing individual and family counseling in the home or community to help stabilize and decrease the youth’s disruptive… Read More

  • Mental Health Liaisons

    Mental Health Liaisons provides individual and group counseling services to high school students attending select schools in Humphreys County. Training for school personnel is also available. This free program is provided through funding from the Tennessee Department of Education and the Tennessee Department of Mental Health. Read More

  • Mobile Crisis (24 / 7 / 365)

    When a face-to-face interaction is warranted, Centerstone offers help to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis through our Mobile Crisis services. Our staff works with the individual to successfully resolve the crisis in a safe and comfortable manner. Read More

  • Mobile Therapy

    Mobile Therapy helps patients who have difficulty getting to their appointments at one of our outpatient clinic locations by meeting clients in their homes or other private locations. Read More

  • Outpatient Counseling Services

    Licensed counselors provide individual, family, couples and group therapy services. Psychiatric services are provided to individuals requiring medical interventions Read More

  • Peer Support Services

    Peer Support Services provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals gain confidence, build social skills, develop new friendships and engage in learning activities with peers. Peer Support Services works in conjunction with our Psychosocial Recovery program. This is a free program provided through a grant from the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Read More

  • Psychiatric Services

    Psychiatric services are provided for individuals requiring medical interventions. An individual may be referred for medical assessment to determine if the treatment efforts might be augmented by the provision of medical treatment. Read More

  • Psychosocial Recovery

    Psychosocial Recovery provides recovery-based education and support that assists individuals to achieve educational, vocational and interpersonal goals. Read More

  • Regional Intervention Program (RIP)

    The Regional Intervention Program is a nationally recognized, parent-implemented program designed to help parents deal with the behavior and development of preschool children. Experienced parents, along with professional staff, who completed the program successfully provide training and support for newly enrolled families. We can help with the following areas of challenging… Read More

  • School-Based Therapy

    Centerstone offers School-Based Therapy within many Tennessee schools. Providing integrated mental health treatment for children and adolescents, School-Based Therapists work within preschool, elementary, middle and high school facilities, helping students overcome behavioral, emotional or social problems that interfere with success at school and at home. Common issues may… Read More

  • Sexual Abuse Treatment

    This program provides counseling for victims of domestic violence or sexual or physical abuse. Read More

  • Social Skills Enhancement (Project BASIC)

    Social Skills Enhancement (Project BASIC) serves elementary school children (grades K–3) by enhancing students’ interpersonal skills and identifying emotionally disturbed children. This free program is provided through a grant from the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Read More

  • Specialized Clinic for Child and Adolescent Services

    Centerstone’s Child and Youth Specialty Services is dedicated solely to the treatment of children and youth. Services are designed to help children reach their full potential; thrive in their schools, homes and communities; and lead healthy lives. Individualized treatment plans address the unique needs of each child or teen while focusing on the strengths of the entire family. Read More

  • Specialized Clinic for Older Adult Services

    Centerstone’s Specialized Older Adult Services provides behavioral healthcare and recovery needs to adults over the age of 50. Services are designed to meet the unique needs of older adults who are experiencing difficulty with their lives due to mental health issues. Services include assessment; psychiatric evaluation; medication management, individual, group, and family counseling; and… Read More

  • Specialized Treatment Services for Immigrants and Refugees

    This program provides culturally appropriate mental health outreach, education and treatment benefiting culturally diverse individuals throughout Davidson County. These individuals hail from a variety of homelands and suffer posttraumatic stress disorder, major depression and other illnesses common among persons surviving trauma. Read More

  • Substance Abuse Prevention

    Substance Abuse Prevention is a comprehensive substance abuse prevention program using an evidence-based curriculum that focuses on enhancing skills to help pre-teens and teens build healthy communication/negotiation skills and encourages anti-drug attitudes and avoidance of high-risk behaviors. This free program is provided through a grant from the Tennessee Department of Mental Health… Read More

  • Substance Use Treatment

    Centerstone experts are available to help individuals and families impacted by alcohol and/or drug use through outpatient substance use treatment services, including assessment, counseling and support. Call 888.291.4357 to schedule an apointment at a location near you.   Read More

  • Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF)

    Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) helps Veterans and their families gain access to resources needed for permanent housing. These services are available to low and very-low income Veteran households where the family is at risk for homelessness or is homeless. The program is provided free of charge through a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs.   Click here to learn… Read More

  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention

    Teen Pregnancy Prevention provides evidence-based, medically accurate pregnancy and STD/HIV prevention services in local schools. This free program is provided through a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Office of Adolescent Health. Read More

  • Tennessee Foster Parent Training Registration

    PATH (“Parents As Tender Healers”) is an intensive education course designed to orient prospective adoptive, foster and kinship care parents to the world of child welfare. Classes are offered to families who are interested in becoming resource homes for children in the foster care system in Tennesee. Based on the vision of its creators, the series serves as a guide through the… Read More

  • The Lodge-Youth Group Home

    The Lodge is a six-bed residential facility (Level II) providing a highly structured program. While living in the home, youth attend public schools, participate in community recreation and learn independent living skills such as food preparation, banking, laundry and shopping. The average stay is one to three months. Read More

  • Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption Services

    Centerstone provides Therapeutic Foster Care for children and teenagers in state custody. Our Children The foster children we serve are often between 12 and 18 years old, or sibling groups of all ages. Placements can be short or long term as needed. Some children need foster parents while working toward reunification with their families of origin, others need an encouraging home… Read More

  • Therapeutic Intervention, Education & Skills (TIES)

    If you are working with a family and there is parental or caregiver substance abuse, Centerstone Therapeutic Intervention, Education and Skills may be able to provide in-home services. Therapeutic Intervention, Education and Skills will provide in-home interventions to the family for a minimum of 8 hours per week for a maximum of 6 weeks. Therapeutic Intervention, Education and Skills… Read More

  • Treatment and Recovery for Youth (TRY)

    This comprehensive treatment and recovery services program helps adolescents ages 12–18 and transitional youth ages 18–24, as well as their families, overcome the multilayered problems of substance abuse and addiction. Read More

  • Violence and Bullying Prevention

    Violence and Bullying Prevention trains and partners with teachers to instruct students in the skills of empathy, impulse control, problem-solving and anger management. This free program is provided through a grant from the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. Read More

  • Walk-In Crisis

    Centerstone outpatient clinics and partnership locations provide walk-in crisis services during normal business hours to assist individuals and families experiencing a mental health crisis. Read More