Alison Makes This Place Awesome!

Kentucky |

“Alison is always the first one to say, ‘What can I do to help?’”

“She holds us accountable individually and as a team. She also allows for fun activities and a moment to breathe when we need it to stay sane.”

“Alison also has a wicked sense of humor and often uses funny phrases everyday like, ‘I digress…’ and ‘I don’t want to go down a rabbit hole, but…’”

“She has helped both offices grow together into 2 very successful teams that work together efficiently and positively. Her teams love to have fun and infuse laughter into their daily work.”

As the Unit Manager at two of the rural outpatient offices, Shelby and Spencer County, Alison provides clinical supervision as well as oversight of the day-to-day operations of the programs, along with her wonderful business staff. She works in Spencer County on Thursdays and the other days in Shelby County, supervising therapists, case managers, community support professionals and peer support specialists.

Alison is an LCSW and has worked for Centerstone for almost 16 years. Before joining us she worked at The Center for Women and Families. Her co-workers value her dedication, support, guidance, extensive therapeutic knowledge, expertise navigating difficult clinical situations and compassion for those we serve. “She is quick to respond to any needs at both sites and handles these needs with confidence and competence,” her co-workers say. “She is always willing to observe the individual needs of her staff and what they need to be successful at their job.”

Alison is married with two children—Christian, who is 18 and will be headed to WKU in the fall, and Cameron, who is 3. “I think the most interesting thing about me at the moment is that I have one kid that is graduating high school and another that is starting preschool in the fall,” Alison says. “Nothing is boring in our house!”

Alison is proud to have completed her first 5K last fall! In her free time, she enjoys reading, spending time outside and singing in the band at church. She also enjoys spending time with her sister, parents and in-laws who all live nearby.

FAVORITE MUSIC: All types, especially older stuff—she’s not so familiar with things that have come out recently!

FAVORITE FOODS: Pizza and chocolate