Amy Makes This Place Awesome!

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“Amy is the type of person you don’t have to ask; when she sees something that needs to be done she jumps right in to help. She is a wonderful resource when staff have issues with their computers. She is always willing to help or call someone else if needed. She is a valued member of our team.”
—Melynda Lands, Rural Administrator

“Amy is a devoted, loyal employee of Centerstone Kentucky. She has amazing skills in all areas of the business and great customer service skills. The consumers love to interact with her and she has developed strong, trusting, professional relationships with many of the individuals we serve. Amy is key to helping consumers feel safe and welcome as they move along their journey of recovery in Bullitt County.”
—Kimberly Brothers, Vice President of Adult Services

“Amy is a very dedicated employee who always goes above and beyond her job. She is so helpful in so many different aspects of the day to day in the office and her wealth of experience is invaluable to the Bullitt County Team. I greatly enjoy working with her and I know that I can always count on her.”
—Jennifer Hardigree, Rural Division Director

Amy has worked for Centerstone for 20 years! As an Executive Business Professional, her day-to-day responsibilities include helping medical providers with prescription refill requests and medication prior authorizations, answering the phones, ordering supplies and helping staff with computer or phone issues as needed. She also takes care of the scheduling profiles for clinicians and medical providers. “Amy and I have been together since day one,” explains Melynda Lands, Rural Administrator. “I have had the pleasure of watching her grow in her career over the past 20 years. She has always been devoted to the job she is doing and the clients that we serve. She has always made my job easier and is willing to work with the team to complete any task we are facing each day.”

Amy is married with four children and two dogs, and enjoys dancing in her free time. She is especially proud of her children: her oldest son is in the Navy stationed in Japan, and is also an Eagle Scout. Amy’s daughter received her Gold Award this year, which is the highest achievement in the Girl Scouts! She earned her award by creating community sharing pantries for those in need. One of these pantries is even located at the Bullitt County site, which Amy helps to stock when food is donated. “It stays empty a lot which means people are using it,” Amy writes. “I am proud of our site for taking on this project.”

Great job, Amy! Thanks for making Centerstone Kentucky AWESOME!

FAVORITE FOOD: Dark Chocolate