Ashley Newton Named VP of Center for Clinical Excellence

Research Institute |

Dr. Rick Shelton has announced that Ashley Newton was named Vice President, Center for Clinical Excellence of the Centerstone Research Institute. Newton has served as interim director of CCE since February, 2017. She has led CCE through a period of transformation and unprecedented growth of both staff and projects. She has overseen the implementation of the Health Home and Integrated Addictions Models and is now leading the development of several new models, pathways, and processes that will advance the Centerstone noble purpose of delivering care that changes people’s lives.

Newton started with Centerstone Tennessee 11 years ago in 2006 as a case manager. During her time with CTN she took on more responsibilities and received two CenterStar awards in recognition of her contributions. She was promoted to Team Leader in 2011, building a team of 14 and increasing the number of families served by 600%. During this time, she created and implemented with Michelle Covington the Mobile Therapy model, intended to provide community based care to rural areas where clinics did not exist. Ashley enrolled in graduate school in 2012 and completed her program while working full-time (plus!). She moved to the CCE team about one year after graduating as a Clinical Model Coordinator, and finally Director.

In her role as Vice President, Center for Clinical Excellence, Newton will lead all the clinical transformation efforts for the Center. These will include the development, implementation, and evolution in three separate areas: clinical models, processes, and pathways. The work of CCE will help to ensure that people served by Centerstone have access to the best evidence-based treatments with proven effectiveness. The Center will identify and develop clinical processes that positively impact clinical workflow, reduce cost, improve client outcomes and safety. she will work closely with strategic business units to implement high value treatment in the context of the local environments. She has already demonstrated that she is able to lead CCE and Centerstone Clinical Services through a period of rapid growth and change.