Centerstone Asks, “What Makes You Happy?”

One of the most important ways to take care of your mental health is to do what makes you happy. But “happiness” means different things to different people, and Centerstone would like to showcase the various ways people experience happiness.

Tell us what makes you happy, help us spread the cheer around and in return, you could win a Centerstone messenger bag!


To enter the contest, please do these three things:

1. Email a picture of something that makes you happy to angela.suico[at]centerstone.org by Friday, March 11. It could be something you’ve made, something you’ve done or something special you own.  It could be a pet, a place or a special person in your life (Just make sure you get their permission for their image to be used on our Facebook page!). No stock photos, please.

2. Along with your photo, complete this sentence and include it with your submission:

“______________ makes me happy because ____________________.”

So if you were to submit a picture of your cat (let’s call him Henry), you may say something like:

“Henry makes me happy because he is a great listener,” or  “Henry makes me happy because he’s always doing something silly.”

3. We’ll share all appropriate entries on our Facebook page. Let us know how you’d like your name to be cited when we post the image:

  • Full name

  • First name and last initial

  • First initial and last name

  • Initials only

  • Anonymous

We’ll have two winners: one winner randomly selected via random.org, and an “Editor’s Choice” winner selected by our marketing team. Both will win a Centerstone messenger bag!

Rules and Regulations

1. By participating in this contest, you grant Centerstone the rights to publish your content on Facebook and centerstone.org for 5 years.

2. No submissions featuring obscene, violent, discriminatory or potentially triggering language or visuals will be accepted.

3. Entries must include your name and mailing address with your email.

4. Only one submission per entrant, please.

5. The deadline for submission is Friday, March 11.

6. Entries that do not adhere to the guidelines will be disqualified.


This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.