Centerstone Research Institute CEO to Speak at California’s 9th Annual National Information Management Conference and Exposition

Dr. Dennis Morrison to Deliver Keynote Address on Electronic Health Records and Lead Discussion Regarding Electronic Decision Support Tools

Bloomington, Ind. and Nashville, Tenn.–Centerstone Research Institute (CRI), a company of Centerstone, the nation’s largest provider of community-based behavioral healthcare, today announced that its CEO, Dr. Dennis Morrison, will be a featured keynote speaker at the 9th Annual California Institute for Mental Health (CiMH) National Information Management Conference and Exposition. The conference will be held April 22-23 at the Crowne Plaza Anaheim Hotel in Garden Grove, Calif.

During the keynote address titled “The Centerpiece of an Electronic Health Record (EHR): How careful design of the treatment plan module can guide more efficient and effective client care plans,” Morrison will describe the treatment plan module within EHRs and explain how these modules can profoundly influence client care plans. He will discuss the elements of treatment plan designs that address audit requirements, strength-based and recovery orientations, customization of care plans for setting-specific needs and the dynamic nature of treatment planning over long time frames. Morrison also will examine the relationship between IT and endusers and how the collaborative process can be used to develop treatment planning modules that can be used for person-centered recovery planning, and how the outcomes of those treatment plans can then be measured more easily.

Dr. Jeffrey D. Sivek, Director of Program Implementation for the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, will co-facilitate the lecture, which will be held April 22 from 2:15 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. in Cabo A.

In addition to the keynote address, Morrison will lead an informative lecture titled “Electronic Decision Support Tools for Clinical and Quality Management of Behavioral Health Services.” During this session, Morrison will describe how electronic support tools can help prompt and guide care decisions such as level of care placement, type of medication and best treatment practices. Participants will learn more about the three major types of types of electronic decision support tools used in client care, some of the settings in which these tools are currently in use and what barriers and incentives exist for widespread adoption. Morrison also will discuss how electronic support tools can be implemented so that they enhance care without replacing the professional judgment of providers.

Dr. Joshua Freedman, UCLA Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, will co-facilitate the session, which takes place April 23 from 11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in Mazatlan C.

Morrison has worked in the behavioral health field since 1969. He holds masters degrees in psychology and exercise physiology and a doctorate in counseling psychology from Ball State University.

From 1995 – May 2008, Morrison served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Behavioral Health (CBH) in Bloomington, Indiana. In May 2008, CBH affiliated with Quinco Behavioral Health Systems and Centerstone creating a $110 million multistate community-based provider organization serving 69,000 consumers each year. In order to integrate and manage the research and information technology services of the new organization, Centerstone Research Institute was formed, and Morrison was named CEO.

Morrison served in the United States Navy as an Aerospace Physiologist where he trained, among others, members of TOPGUN in aviation physiology and water survival. He is an instrument-rated pilot and an Adjunct Professor in the Aviation Technology Department of Indiana State University, where he teaches Aerospace Physiology.

CiMH was established in 1993 to promote excellence in mental health services through training, technical assistance, research and policy development. CiMH was founded to work collaboratively with all mental health system stakeholders. The commitment to collaboration has led the board to expand board membership to include consumers, family members, and other interested persons representing the public interest.

About Centerstone Research Institute

Centerstone Research Institute (CRI), a company of Centerstone, is linking science to clinical service through diverse privately and publicly funded research studies and community-based projects. The company works both independently and in collaboration with major academic institutions. Since 2001, CRI has conducted more than 100 service and clinical studies ranging from medication management for mental illness to suicide prevention in older adults. CRI maintains an Institutional Review Board and manages the Knowledge Network, a technology-based, partner-driven alliance to facilitate the translation of research to practice. The company also offers Behavioral Pathway Systems, a best practices benchmarking service. For more information about CRI, visit www.centerstoneresearch.org.