Centerstone Research Institute Partners with Stewart County School System to Secure Funding For School-Based Counseling

Centerstone Will Be Contracted Service Provider for New Student Counseling Program for Stewart County Schools in Tennessee

Bloomington, Ind. and Nashville, Tenn.—The Centerstone Research Institute (CRI), a company of Centerstone, the nation’s largest provider of community-based behavioral healthcare, today announced that it has secured a $1.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education in partnership with the Stewart County School System in Tennessee. The grant will fund the creation and evaluation of the Stewart County School System Student Counseling Program.

The grant will allow Centerstone to create a culturally sensitive, school-based therapy and case management program that will serve students from kindergarten through 12th grade in the Stewart County School System and their families who are dealing with behavioral and emotional

“Providing counseling in schools helps students and their families work through behavioral health issues, which means students can concentrate better in school and be more productive,” said Dennis Morrison, PhD, CEO of CRI. “We believe the Student Counseling Program will be especially valuable for Stewart County schools, which are located near the Fort Campbell military base, because many children have one or both parents engaged in active military service and this can lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety.”

As part of the new grant secured by CRI, Centerstone will receive funds to create a new counseling program that will place Centerstone mental health professionals in Stewart County schools, reducing the ratio of students to counselors. The goal of the program is to decrease office referrals, reduce the severity of behavioral and emotional problems in students, and improve the behavioral functioning of those receiving services.

To evaluate the program, CRI will examine whether these mental health services enhance children’s personal growth, progress at school, and emotional well being by decreasing office referrals, decreasing problem severity, and improving behavioral functioning. The study conducted by CRI will use evaluation outcome measures including the Tennessee Outcomes Measurement System (TOMS), Achenbach Teacher Report Forms, and disciplinary referrals.

About The Centerstone Research Institute

The Centerstone Research Institute (CRI), a company of Centerstone, is linking science to clinical service through diverse privately and publicly funded research studies and community-based projects. The company works both independently and in collaboration with major academic institutions. Since 2001, CRI has conducted more than 100 service and clinical studies ranging from medication management for mental illness to suicide prevention in older adults. CRI maintains an Institutional Review Board and manages the Knowledge Network, a technology-based, partner-driven alliance to facilitate the translation of research to practice. The company also offers Behavioral Pathway Systems, a best practices benchmarking service. For more information about CRI, visit www.centerstoneresearch.org.