Centerstone Staff Keep the Beat by Connecting Outside Work

Indiana |

Working at Centerstone is about meeting our Noble Purpose: delivering care that changes people’s lives. But throughout the organization, efforts are made to be sure the staff is taken care of as well.

In October, Martha Bowman, coordinator of adult and family services in Nashville, IN took her staff to the Brown County State Park scenic overlook, along with several drums and other rhythm instruments. They did some drumming activities during which they were able to connect and build a stronger bond. Each staff member shared thoughts about staffer Pam, who was leaving. Martha says, “So it was a two-fold kind of thing: building strength and connection among my team members and also honoring one who was leaving.”

In September, during a staff meetings, after taking care of regular business, Martha had each staff member put away computers and she gave them stretched canvases and oil pastels. She put on relaxing instrumental music asked them to create whatever they wanted with an inspirational saying on it. Each of them came up with a piece of art with a saying that was important to them, some they share with clients. Each of them were able to take their art with them to put in their offices.

Martha concludes, “I think it’s important for my staff to have some time carved out for their self-care, so I try to incorporate something unique and special for them in a staff meeting each month. Earlier in the summer, I led them through guided imagery with music, followed by their own creation of mandalas. They all seemed to appreciate the 30-minute time-out.”

This is just an example of what it’s like to work at Centerstone. If you are interested in joining us, check out our current job listings.