Dan Makes This Place Awesome!

Kentucky |

“Dan is the ‘go-to’ whenever I need anything from a chair to making sure the lights and A/C units work.”
Connie Monroe

“Dan is always prompt with his responses, thorough and helpful.”
Whitney Richardson

“Dan makes me smile, and always has a smile on his face.”
Jennifer Leffler

“Dan is exemplary in his ability to provide nimble and creative solutions with facilities management.”
Robert Daniels

Dan Napper is the Facility Support Manager at Centerstone Addiction Recovery Center and is responsible for 44,000 square feet of facility space. His day-to-day responsibilities include cleaning up to 20 discharge client areas daily, conducting minor construction upgrades and repairs, maintaining the HVAC system and monitoring the building temperature daily.  He inspects and verifies the satisfactory completion of all construction projects throughout ARC and assures timely repair and replacement of maintenance tools and equipment as necessary. Dan also completes the required monthly safety inspections, reviews all adverse incidents and conducts nightly building safety checks to make sure that all systems are working and doors are locked.

Dan has worked for Centerstone for 13 years. Before joining us, he worked for University of Louisville Hospital. His coworkers value his thoroughness and sense of humor in the face in stress. “Dan is a consummate team player and can be counted on to ensure the Addictions Division is always a star for inspections and audits,” Robert Daniels says. “His attention to detail is the key to our outstanding performance in the recent JCAHO audit, for example.”

Dan is married and has two nieces. Since starting employment here, he has continually worked to have a heathier lifestyle and has lost more than 60 pounds! He has run in the Triple Crown running series every year since 2010. He has also biked the 50-mile Tour De Lou and strives to consistently exercise and eat better. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, biking and traveling.

FAVORITE Movie: Doctor Zhivago

FAVORITE FOODS: Quinoa with sautéed veggies

FAVORITE QUOTES: “The ancient world was settled so sparsely that nature was not yet eclipsed by man. Nature hit you in the eye so plainly and grabbed you so fiercely.” —from Doctor Zhivago