Go Back to School with Centerstone!

Centerstone is heading back to school!  Centerstone’s services help kids, families and learners of all ages develop the skills and find the support they need for a brighter future.  Want to go back to school with us?  Your gifts can make these back-to-school success stories a reality for more children, adults and families.  Thank you for going back to school with Centerstone!

Big Sister, Little Sister

When 12-year-old Emma stocked her new backpack with school supplies, she wasn’t able to fit in the best resource she has for school success – her new “Big” sister Ashley.  Ashley and Emma meet weekly for fun, support and homework help through an after-school mentoring program run by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Illinois (BBBS).  One of Centerstone’s many youth development programs, BBBS focuses on building stronger relationships between Littles and caring, supportive adult mentors. 

Research proves that kids in the BBBS program stay in school, do better in school, and develop more trusting and healthier relationships with the adults in their lives.  One of the highlights of the BBBS mentoring model is the screening, training and support of the Big volunteers.  BBBS of Southern Illinois has identified a goal of making 100 matches this school year.  Your back-to-school gifts will help 100 more kids develop the skills and find the support they need for a brighter future.

Starting Strong

Kindergarten was rough for Joseph last year.  He couldn’t follow directions and his mom was getting regular phone calls from the principal.   Thankfully, Joseph’s pediatrician referred him to Centerstone’s Regional Intervention Program (RIP).  This Centerstone of Tennessee service teaches both parents and children strategies and skills needed to improve behaviors.  Joseph’s mother also joined a support group with other parents of kids facing similar challenges.  Together, the whole family learned how to help Joseph succeed in school and Joseph finished kindergarten with vastly improved behavior and a brighter outlook for the future.

Now, thanks to what they learned at Centerstone, Joseph is starting first grade with more tools for success than can fit in his pencil case, and his Mom is looking forward to watching him learn.  Your back-to-school gifts support important programs like these that help kids and parents develop crucial skills and support necessary to develop a foundation for a lifetime of success.

Pursuing Dreams

Senior year is starting off strong for Autumn and Elizabeth who are on track to graduate high school and pursue their dreams. Having experienced severe childhood trauma, this accomplishment once seemed an unrealistic goal.  But thanks to Centerstone‘s home-based/school-based counseling team and and their own hard work, the girls have found help, hope and have grown into extraordinary young women. Elizabeth would like to be a special education teacher and Autumn is interested in pursuing her musical talents. Autumn and Elizabeth strive to have excellent grades and to volunteer their time. They are some of our best advocates for better mental health services.

The goal of Centerstone of Indiana’s Child and Family teams is to support families through mental health treatment and support services. Using a trauma-informed approach, the team provides individual and family therapy, care coordination and life skills training in homes and schools.  Centerstone’s school-based counseling program provides on-site counselors to help students cope with problems.  Autumn and Elizabeth are now ready to face the excitement of their senior year and all the adventures yet to come.  Your back-to-school gifts will help more children and youth receive the treatment they need to be successful students and advocates for others.

Always Learning

Even professionals can go back to school!  Jim, a professional counselor, reported that he was better prepared to serve members of the military community and their families after attending a training offered by Centerstone Military Service: “These classes have been so very rich for me.  You’ve clarified things, given me tools, helped me piece together ways I’ve been working with and relating to trauma that I didn’t have a template for.”  

Centerstone Military Service (CMS) is always going back to school by teaching behavioral healthcare professionals the tools and processes they need to understand and respond to military service members, veterans, and their family members. CMS provides online support groups and therapeutic retreats for the military community to explore innovative mental healthcare strategies such as mindfulness and meditation, journaling, trauma-informed yoga, and art therapy.  Your back-to-school gifts help Centerstone Military Service educate healthcare professionals, family members and other community leaders about the unique needs, opportunities and methods of providing care for the military community and their families.

Thank you for going back to school with Centerstone!   Your gifts offer children and families help and hope for a brighter future!

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