Indiana’s Christmas Spirit in January

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I’m going to wear this jacket forever! 

While most five year olds are eager for toys, “Johnny” was very excited to receive a “leather” jacket for Christmas. Johnny is in a safe home now living with extended family members. He has faced situations no child should have to experience. Both parents have been in and out of jail due to drug abuse. Johnny has also been physically abused. Johnny’s guardians were eager to make sure he had a good Christmas despite their financial problems.

The Child and Family Service team in North Vernon knew that many families despite community Christmas Assistance programs needed additional help. They held a Holiday Gift Drive among themselves, family and friends and on January 8, they provided gifts for more than 60 less fortunate children in Jennings County.

The gift to Johnny and his family has far greater value than a jacket. The gift highlighted to Johnny and his guardians that the Centerstone team care about Johnny and are ready and eager to help Johnny work through his family and behavioral issues. For therapy to be successful it is vital that Centerstone team members build trust with children and families. The jacket helped create the bond.