Jamese Makes This Place Awesome!

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“Jamese is always willing to go above and beyond for the consumers. She always has a smile on her face and is a joy to work with!”
—Andrew Ponce de Leon, Community Support Provider, Common Ground Day Training

“Jamese is a hard worker and a social butterfly. She is always eager to get in there and do what she can for our consumers and her coworkers.”
—Melissa Hoyland, Community Support Professional, Common Ground Day Training

“While it is known that Jamese is a kind and loving person, she is also a very special and dear friend. I know that when I need her, she is there.”
—Tarita Hayes, Community Support Professional, Common Ground Day Training

As a Community Support Specialist with our Common Ground Day Training program, Jamese supports our adult clients who have developmental and intellectual disabilities. She greets clients as they come in the door, converses with them and assists with any personal care needs. She also works with them in various groups and activities that help to improve their skill development, including photography, art, career planning, budgeting and more! Jamese even accompanies our clients on community outings like shopping, walks, lunches and sporting events.

Jamese’s co-workers value that she is a hard worker who goes above the regular call of duty. She puts a strong effort into learning about our clients and finding ways to personalize care for them so that they have the best experience possible. “Jamese is hard working and dedicated to our consumers,” writes Jennifer Mervis. “She has lots of compassion for our consumers and does an awesome job of finding the balance between meeting their needs and pushing them to be as independent as possible.”

Jamese has been with Centerstone for three years. Prior to that, she was with Arc Bridges in Gary, Indiana. She believes her greatest accomplishments are her three children — A. J. (24), Essence (17) and Ebony (15) — and considers the people of Common Ground to be her second family. In her spare time, Jamese enjoys crafts, jazz, fishing and going to NBA games. She also volunteers with Dare to Care and local churches that help feed the community.

Thanks for being awesome, Jamese!



FAVORITE QUOTE: “You learn by simply observing the world you live in.”