Jerry Makes This Place Awesome!

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“I like to call Jerry the Godfather of our West office because he is the main one that holds everything together. He has helped numerous clients over the years and everyone truly loves him. I value his sense of humor, kindness and knowledge the most. Once I started working here, 7 years ago, he took me under his wing. Jerry taught me everything I know today and continues to teach me every day. He will always help his coworkers and clients; the word ‘no’ is not in his vocabulary.”
Carolyn Taylor

“Jerry is always here making someone laugh. He spreads his sense of humor throughout the building. On a day to day basis I see Jerry working hard with our clients to help make a difference in their lives.  Jerry goes above and beyond to help our clients.”
—Carolyn Jolly

“What I value about Jerry is he is such a ‘team player’ he is always here for us at West. What makes him great is his humor.  He lightens our workday. Day to day he is here and ready—always so helpful and kind to our clients. They love him. So do we.”
—Elizabeth Dunn

Jerry Nelson is a Master Therapist at our 2650 West Broadway office. His day-to-day responsibilities include providing clinical services, such as intakes and assessments, individual and group therapy and crisis interventions. He is a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC) and also provides training and leadership for new staff. “Jerry displays a level of compassion and dedication to the population that we serve that is unparalleled,” Ashley Coyle says. “He approaches each day with excitement and humor and this helps to keep the morale high and coming into work something to be excited about.” In 2013, he was awarded the Robert Straus Award which is given each year to individuals working in the Chemical Dependency field. He was chosen as one of the first recipients that included substance abuse and mental health services.

Jerry started working in the mental health field with River Region in May of 1973.  In five years it became Seven Counties and now Centerstone of Kentucky, for a total of 45 years! “With both River Region and Seven Counties, I had the pleasure of working in all seven counties with some great people and still work with some of the best. I still look forward to each day at the office and knowing that someone’s life is a little bit better,” Jerry says.

Jerry has been married to his wife, Nancy, for 60 years and has three sons and five grandchildren. He and his wife also have and one dog, Marley, who is in charge of day to day activities. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, being with his children and grandchildren and watching sports on TV.

FAVORITE Movie: King of Hearts

FAVORITE FOODS: Anything his wife cooks, from grilled cheese to espresso rubbed duck

FAVORITE QUOTES: “Do what you love, and love what you do.”—Jerry’s Father