Leading Mental Health Facilities Unite Under Centerstone Name

Nashville, Tenn. — Tennessee’s largest non-profit behavioral health corporation will unify its facilities under a common name, Centerstone, effective October 1, 2002, the result of a merger process involving six separate organizations that began in December 1997.

The Centerstone name will now be used by: Dede Wallace Center, Elam Mental Health Clinic, Luton Mental Health Services, Harriett Cohn Center, Columbia Area Mental Health Center and Highland Rim Mental Health Center.

Now ranked as the nation’s tenth largest community behavioral health system, Centerstone includes 59 facilities in 28 Middle Tennessee counties. Centerstone provides a full range of behavioral health and related educational services to more than 44,000 individuals who are typically coping with depression, addiction, physical abuse, persistent mental illness and a variety of other emotional and behavioral disorders.

“This adoption of a single name for all centers signifies a bold and promising step for mental healthcare in Tennessee,” said David Guth, president of Centerstone. “For nearly fifty years our facilities and professionals have provided services and advanced programs to people who suffer with mental illness and emotional problems. Our decision to unify our centers in 1997 strengthened our ability to provide the community with the highest level of service.

“Now by unifying our name, we are ensuring that individuals and families know where to turn for help. That will be one of the biggest advantages to sharing a common name. We want the community-at-large to see Centerstone as synonymous with behavioral healthcare and continue to rely on our organization for their needs.”

By uniting many facilities into a single organization, Centerstone offers:

More Knowledge. Better Programs.

Sharing the knowledge and experience of many professionals from across the region, Centerstone is able to replicate successful programs in multiple locations throughout the counties we serve.

More Services. Better Access.

Centerstone offers a broader range of services, including additional locations from which our clients can receive services. Moving to a single brand also increases the public’s awareness of quality care.

More Voices. Better Representation.

Centerstone represents more facilities, professionals and patients than ever before. This increases Centerstone’s presence that can aid in the development of public policy and advocacy for clients throughout the state and the country. Combined, Centerstone’s message can positively affect individuals and families struggling with depression, substance abuse and an assortment of other behavioral issues.

More Efficiency. Better Service.

The increased size of the organization enables Centerstone to streamline administrative costs, thus providing increased efficiency in service delivery and allowing professionals to devote more time to their primary role — serving clients.

More Visibility. Better Recognition.

Now, it’s easier than ever for people to find the help they need. The common name of Centerstone gives clients a brand name they can recognize and depend on for high quality care.