LIFESolutions Provides Social and Employment Support for Adults with Mental Illness

Centerstone Consolidates Services under New Name in 21 Counties across Middle Tennessee

Nashville, Tenn.
— Centerstone, Middle Tennessee’s leading provider of behavioral health services, has created LIFESolutions, a new consolidated recovery-focused service that provides education, socialization and life-skills opportunities for adults currently or formerly diagnosed with a mental illness. LIFESolutions is offered at nine facilities serving 21 Middle Tennessee counties.

Working in tandem with Centerstone’s behavioral healthcare treatment programs, LIFESolutions integrates three existing services for individuals over age 18. These programs, called ReConnect, Aspire and JobLink, focus on behavioral healthcare recovery and re-orientation – re-orientation into the job market, social situations and the community. By bringing all three programs under the LIFESolutions umbrella, Centerstone is making it easier and more convenient for adults to select the right combination of education and support services that meet their individual needs, aiding in the recovery process.

“LIFESolutions’ services are focused on increasing personal performance in the areas of living, learning, working and, ultimately, independence. Whether the illness is eliminated or an individual lives with limitations caused by long-term illness, successful recovery involves the development of a new system of meaning or purpose in one’s life – a life not defined by illness,” said Bob Vero, president and chief operating officer of Centerstone. “Participants in any or all of LIFESolutions’ services receive valuable peer and professional support, make friends, learn new skills, and set, enriching yet attainable goals.

“Recovery is based on the belief that an individual with a mental illness can successfully manage their illness and lead a meaningful, productive life. It is about hope and the achievement of personal ambitions and goals. Recovery is about self-empowerment, having control of and responsibility for one’s own life. It is about having a life – again, one that has not been defined by their mental illness. Centerstone knows that treatment of the mental illness is vital, but just the first step. LIFESolutions is the essential next step to recovery.”

The three services that now comprise LIFESolutions will provide the following:

ReConnect centers offer peer support, socialization as well as a venue for seeking and obtaining additional educational services, and is also the new name of Centerstone’s nine adult facilities, formerly known as drop-in centers. For example, the former My Place Drop-in Center in Tullahoma has been renamed ReConnect. ReConnect members develop positive self-esteem and practical skills as they plan and direct the center’s activities, learning practical lessons about budgeting, problem solving, teamwork, and responsibility. This highly active, supportive and educational environment works in concert with the Aspire and JobLink programs.

Aspire, the new name for Centerstone’s PREP and EXCEL programs, provides opportunities for adults to experience a work-ordered day in a variety of environments. Aspire provides many training services including meal preparation, housekeeping services, and clerical support as well as education on a variety of topics. Participants define their own aspirations and receive vocational counseling, job search skills training and peer support. Then, when Aspire members are ready for community employment – JobLink is the next step.

JobLink provides adults with pre-employment counseling, job development and on-the-job-support services to ease the transition into employment. These vocational services are designed to help adults achieve their individual employment goals. Services provided include: assessment of abilities and interests, career planning, job readiness training, job placement, employer and/or employee follow-along, referral and advocacy, and job development.

The LIFESolutions locations include:

1617 16th Avenue South in Nashville

615 269-9536
This ReConnect program serves people from Davidson County.

882 Union Street in Shelbyville

931 685-9330
This ReConnect program serves people from Bedford County.

516 East Carroll Street in Tullahoma

931 393-3255
This ReConnect program serves people from Coffee and Franklin counties.

709 Davidson Street in Tullahoma

931 393-5926
The JobLink program offered at this site serves people from Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, Lincoln and Moore counties.

15 Valley West Drive in Dickson

615 441-6178
This ReConnect program serves people from Dickson, Hickman and Humphreys counties.

241 East Gaines Street in Lawrenceburg

931 766-3711
This ReConnect program serves people from Lawrence, Lewis, Perry and Wayne counties.

200 North Lincoln Avenue in Fayetteville

931 438-4993
The ReConnect program serves people from Giles, Lincoln and Moore counties.

6011-A&B Trotwood Avenue in Columbia

931 381-6984 – Aspire 931 381-3027 – ReConnect
This ReConnect program also serves people from Marshall County.

The Aspire program offered at this site also serves people from Giles, Hickman, Laurence, Lewis, Marshall and Williamson counties.

611 North Eighth Street in Clarksville

931 920-7289
The Aspire and JobLink programs offered at this site serve people from Cheatham, Dickson, Houston, Montgomery, Robertson and Stewart counties.

1840 Memorial Drive in Clarksville

931 905-0933
This ReConnect program serves people from Houston, Montgomery and Stewart counties.

54 North Main Street in Springfield

615 382-5260
This ReConnect program serves people from Cheatham and Robertson counties.

Transportation is available to ReConnect sites. Individuals may contact the nearest center for more details.