Melissa Hayden, Licensed Psychologist

Kentucky |

My name is Melissa Hayden and I am a Licensed Psychologist at Centerstone Kentucky. I came to Centerstone in 2010 after completing my residency in Ohio. Kentucky is my home and I could not wait to return to family and friends. I enjoy the many responsibilities I have at this agency that range from administrator, supervisor, trainer, consultant, and teacher.

I work in the Child and Family Division and am the Director of the Jefferson County Internship Consortium, Director of the Post-Doctoral Fellowship, and Trauma Grant Coordinator in partnership with University of Louisville. In addition, I am the Director of Psychological Testing, a program which myself and Dr. Erin Jenkins Baker developed and opened in July of 2017. We are extremely excited about this new program and the benefits it will bring! What I love about working in a Community Mental Health Center is that our children hold the resiliency factor; regardless of the hardships they have ensured, they are fighters and survivors . . . inspiring us!

I live with my partner, Andrew, and together we have four children. Our oldest started high school this year and it has been a challenging, yet rewarding beginning to this new chapter. In the limited free time available between work and running children to practices, games and club meetings, I enjoy lake life and sleeping! We are also a house divided . . . #BBN #GoBigBlue!

FAVORITE QUOTE: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”


FAVORITE BOOK: Grapes of Wrath