Mobile Technology Enhances Centerstone Services

$50,000 HCA Foundation Grant Advances Behavioral Healthcare Provider’s Community Outreach

Nashville, Tenn.
— Centerstone, the largest behavioral healthcare provider in Tennessee, can now provide enhanced services to individuals in their homes and schools, thanks to a grant from the HCA Foundation. The $50,000 grant, designated for Phase II of Centerstone’s Clinical Records Automation Plan, will provide mobile technology for Centerstone’s community-based staff.

The HCA Foundation will provide Centerstone with $25,000 per year for two years. This funding is designed to equip a portion of the community-based staff, who provide services in Metropolitan Nashville/Davidson County, with laptop computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs). This mobile technology will allow Centerstone’s community-based staff to:

  • Access medical record information from outside the office;
  • Alert staff of important developments regarding a client’s care; and
  • Efficiently process case documentation, including progress notes during or immediately following a service visit.

Centerstone is a non-profit organization comprised 59 behavioral health facilities located throughout Middle Tennessee. The agency provides a full range of mental health services for children, adults and families including research and evaluation and treatment for mental illness and substance abuse. Centerstone assists approximately 40,000 Tennesseans each year.

“It is critical for our staff to have the means to serve our clients outside Centerstone facilities,” said David Guth, president of Centerstone. “We are honored that The HCA Foundation has graciously contributed to this endeavor, which ultimately benefits Nashvillians. HCA Foundation’s grant will assist our efforts towards completion of the second phase of our plan and improve the efficiency in delivery of services to our clients.”

The Clinical Records Automation Plan is a two-part process that will redesign Centerstone’s entire records management system. The plan consists of implementing a new software system and providing the mobile technology to serve clients outside the centers.

Centerstone completed Phase I of the Clinical Records Automation Plan in December 2001. Its focus was to eliminate the inefficiencies and costs associated with handling, storage, retrieval and transportation of paper medical files. Phase I provided the initial setup and design of the CareLogic software by Qualifacts Systems, the annual use support fee and 280 desktop personal computers for clinical staff located at 59 sites throughout 28 counties in Middle Tennessee.

“We are already seeing the success of Phase I across all of our operations,” said Guth. “The overall process in which we serve our clients has been technologically advanced and streamlined. Once Phase II is in place, we will be able to serve clients with the same level of excellence inside or outside our medical centers.”