Centerstone’s Ambassadors Circle recently convened at Metro Nashville’s Johnson School for an evening of education, featuring a series of talks about Centerstone’s school-based and youth services, including its innovative Coaching4Teens program.

Featured guests and speakers included Ambassadors Circle Chair, Mark Faulkner, Director of School-Based Services, Beth Hail, Program Manager, Marcy Melvin, Program Coordinator chef Willie Jemison and several faculty and staff members from Johnson School. Speakers provided an insider’s look at the developing minds of youth, and explored a variety of concerns specific to teens.

Attendees enjoyed traditional Mardi Gras refreshments including gumbo and king cake served by Centerstone’s award-winning chef Willie Jemison and his culinary students. Jemison leads the Community Kitchen Culinary Program, an innovative project that gives youth the opportunity to learn, practice and enhance their skills in the kitchen while also equipping them with personal life skills. This program is funded by a grant from the Martha and Bronson Ingram Foundation.

Established in 2005, the Ambassadors Circle works to advance Centerstone’s mission by serving as representatives to the community, advancing the organization’s mission and creating awareness of behavioral health issues.

Centerstone’s Ambassadors Circle
WHEN: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Johnson School, 1200 Second Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37210
NOTES: For media inquiries, contact Mindy Tobin at 615.463.6649 or mindy.tobin@centerstone.org or Nicole Cottrill at 615.327.7999 or ncottrill@seigenthaler.com.

For more information about Centerstone’s Ambassadors Circle or other volunteer opportunities, call Centerstone’s Development office at 615.463.6645.


Ambassadors Circle 2/24

(L to R) Beth Hail, Director of School-Based Services for Centerstone; Kelli Chidsey, Centerstone Ambassadors Circle; Ashley Henry, Centerstone Ambassadors Circle

Ambassadors Circle 2/24

(L to R) Larry Lipman, Centerstone Ambassadors Circle; Scott Thompson, Centerstone Ambassadors Circle; Margo Hall, Centerstone Ambassadors Circle

Ambassadors Circle 2/24

(L to R) Bob Vero, Centerstone Chief Executive Officer; Chef Willie Jemison, Community Kitchen Culinary Program Coordinator; Mark Faulkner, Centerstone Ambassadors Circle, Chair

Ambassadors Circle 2/24

(L to R) Darin Rowell, Centerstone Ambassadors Circle; Colleen McCanless, Centerstone Ambassadors Circle; John Page, Centerstone Senior Vice President for Child, Adolescent and Family Services

Ambassadors Circle 2/24

(L to R) Gino DeSalvatore, Centerstone Director of Residential and Academic Services for Youth; John Taylor, Centerstone Ambassadors Circle; Christine Taylor, Centerstone Ambassadors Circle; Molly Dunn; Joan Sivley, Centerstone Board of Directors, Chair

Ambassadors Circle 2/24

(L to R) Cheryl Plummer, Centerstone Ambassadors Circle; Dick Baxter, Centerstone Board of Directors; Bethany Cernoch, Centerstone Ambassadors Circle; Ryan Cernoch, Centerstone Ambassadors Circle

Ambassadors Circle 2/24

(L to R) Kelly Crockett Centerstone Ambassadors Circle; Laura Allen, Centerstone’s Vice President for Development; Rae Becker