President Trump Declares The Opioid Crisis A Public Health Emergency

Kentucky |

Centerstone applauds the President’s declaration. Today, opioid addiction claims more young adult lives than any other chronic disease, and we see the heartbreaking damage wreaked by it in our clinics each day. The additional resources this declaration provides will move our nation’s healthcare delivery system a step closer to addressing this epidemic.

Recovery from substance abuse, like recovery from any other disease, requires effective, comprehensive treatment and support. Acknowledging opioid use as a public health emergency will enable more individuals to receive timely, evidence-based care. However, additional resources are urgently needed to truly slow the damaging impact this crisis is having on American families and our economy.

David Guth, CEO, Centerstone
Bob Vero, CEO, Centerstone Tennessee
Melissa Larkin-Skinner, CEO, Centerstone Florida
John Markley, CEO, Centerstone Illinois
Suzanne Koesel, CEO, Centerstone Indiana
Anthony Zipple, CEO, Centerstone Kentucky