Statement from Centerstone Regarding Potential Breach of Protected Health Information

Kentucky |

Pursuant to Federal Regulations 45CFR464.406 we are providing this notice of a potential breach of Protected Health Information. Centerstone has made every attempt to notify any clients affected by this privacy breach by telephone call and/or first class letter prior to this notification.

Specifically, on May 4, 2012, we learned that 2-3 boxes, that may have contained protected health information, were discarded after being immersed in the flooded basement of our Regional Intervention Program location in Clarksville, Tenn. The records were discarded on September 24, 2011 after they were examined and were considered to be illegible and unsalvageable. Nevertheless, the information was not destroyed according to Centerstone policy. Centerstone is taking appropriate corrective actions to assure that this type of incident does not occur again.

We have no indication that the discarded information has been accessed or used in a manner that will cause harm to our clients; however, because we are unable to recover the documents, we cannot be sure that this has not or will not happen. Therefore, we are taking every precaution to notify clients seen in our Regional Intervention Program in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.

Centerstone sincerely regrets this possible breach of the privacy and security of our client’s protected health information. If you feel you may be impacted and have questions about your privacy or potential risk of identity theft, or would like information about receiving fraud protection, please contact Scott Valentine directly at 1-888-460-4001 or by email at scott.valentine@centerstone.org. You may also contact Scott Valentine at Centerstone Health Information Management, P O Box 281107, Nashville, TN 37228-8502.