Suicide Prevention and Awareness Program

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One in five Indiana teens (15-19 years old) considered suicide during 2015. That is the stunning data from the Indiana Youth Institute Data Report. Centerstone is committed to reducing the suicide rates among children and adults in each of the 17 counties where we provide services.  Our goal is zero suicides.

On December 12, 2017, Centerstone team members received extensive training as part of their professional development including a two-day ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) workshop.

ASIST is an evidence-based workshop that Centerstone also offers to community organizations. Thanks to support from the Joy of Giving, Centerstone provided two ASIST workshops in Jennings County. The purpose of the workshops was to provide Jennings County School counselors with the knowledge to identify students who may be at risk of suicide and to provide the tools and resources to help students on their pathway to recovery. Centerstone team members participated alongside 26 Jennings County school personnel in two separate workshop sessions.

School counselors at the conclusion of one of the workshops spoke highly of their experience. Several stated that they gained better insights regarding the feelings and emotions of their students and felt better equipped to deal with a student who may be in crisis. Learning alongside Centerstone employees also provided insights into the work of Centerstone’s child and adult service team members and the expertise and resources available at Centerstone’s North Vernon office. Comments on the evaluation forms included:

“Very informative and hands on. Learned a lot of good information.”

“Amazing training! So thankful for this opportunity.”

“Great training, thank you for providing it!”

“To the point, practical training- thank you!”

Centerstone Director of Child Services Meagan Terlep stated, “We’ll never know how many lives are saved as a result of the workshops sponsored by the Joy of Giving, but we do know there are 42 more people in the North Vernon area who now are better-geared with the ability to help someone at risk of suicide!”

To learn more about community workshops including ASIST and Mental Health First Aid contact 812-314-3400.

Pictured below are Centerstone team members and school counselors (left) and Jennings County School Counselors (right).