Embrace the Journey this New Year

For most people, a New Year generates a newfound motivation to accomplish resolutions and goals. Nevertheless, life’s usual unexpected moments will occur, causing many of us to abandon our resolutions and goals altogether.

As we embark on a New Year, here are some tips to keep in mind and help you stay the course to attaining your goals this year.

Acknowledge Improvement

It’s easy to list the goals you have yet to accomplish, but don’t forget to acknowledge what you have achieved and monitor your progress. Studies show that frequently monitoring progress helps increase the chance of attaining a goal.

Sometimes, when we lose sight of our personal improvement, it can make our lives feel stagnant. However, change is constant, occurring around and in us at all times. Look back to the growth that has brought you where you are today and continue to press toward your goals.

Celebrate Accomplishments

When a sports team successfully executes a play and scores a goal, the team and fans celebrate. Every well-executed play and goal scored help contribute to the team’s ultimate goal—a win. Throughout this year, celebrate the progress you make, even if they’re baby steps. Remember, it’s the everyday decisions and progress that make a big impact over time. Huge goals and changes rarely happen overnight.

Share your accomplishments with your team (family and friends) and have them join in the celebration. Celebrating the small accomplishments and having people in your corner to cheer you on can help reignite your motivation to attain the bigger goals.

Let Go

Unexpected or stressful times are inevitable, and everyone experiences stress differently. Whether it is a change in job, family, friends, health or finances, stressful experiences serve as reminders of what we can control and what we can’t control.

Focus on what you can control such as your attitude, reactions and actions. Let go of perfectionism and the things out of your control and know that you’re not alone in the struggle.

There are people to help and support you through the tough times. If you need professional help working through goals, barriers and achieving personal health and happiness, Centerstone’s professional staff can help.

Yes, life’s speed bumps are unavoidable and can be stressful, but they don’t have to steer you completely off the path to accomplishing your goals.

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