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Family matters

Family Matters

Dads Matter! ™

Father’s Day is June 18, and it’s more than just an excuse to buy greeting cards, power tools, novelty neckties and, yes, bacon-scented candles. It’s a great time to recognize that dads really do matter. Moms are amazing and important, too, but we must remember what a vital role dads are meant to play in ...

Family Matters

Three Steps to a Safer Prom

High school students across the United States are getting excited for the upcoming prom and graduation season. All the fun things parents remember about those days still exist: dress shopping, tuxedo rental, flowers, photographs, parties. But there also remains a strong temptation to engage in underage drinking. According to a 2016 poll, alcohol use is ...

Family Matters

The Great Thing About Gratefulness

The sights and sounds of the holidays are all around us. It started before our Halloween candy had even been devoured. Turkeys, trees, candles, and lights have popped up everywhere you look and will be with us through the start of the New Year. It can very be easy to get caught up in the ...

Family Matters

Sparking Conversation About Underage Drinking

Recent reports on underage drinking in the United States reveal good news and bad news. On the bright side, the National Institute on Drug Abuse announced in June that its “Monitoring the Future” survey shows decreasing use of alcohol among 8th through 12th graders. However, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) confirms ...

Family Matters

Knowing the Signs Could Save a Life

In many ways our world is more connected than ever before, with social media venues of all kinds providing real-time access around the clock. However, even with all that connection and communication, suicide rates remain at alarming levels, proving that sensitivity to, and awareness of, warning signs is critical in providing lifesaving interventions. It’s not ...

Family Matters

Toxic Relationships

You can tell if a relationship is toxic when spending time with someone drags you down, belittles you or makes you feel hurt, angry, and miserable.  Some people think of a “toxic relationship” as the most dangerous kind of relationship – one that only involves abuse or addictions.  These are, in fact, harmful characteristics of ...

Family Matters

Six Steps to Identifying Addictions: What Controls Your Life?

Addiction is a complicated problem. It is diverse in its causes and its costs. If describing a person with an addiction was to be simplified, it might be “the intense desire and action of continuing certain behaviors despite the negative consequences.” An addiction controls your life, your thoughts and your choices. It is a compulsion that robs you of healthy options for coping with life challenges. ...

Family Matters

Six Steps for Shrinking your Stress in a Shrinking Economy

With the soaring fuel prices, job layoffs and a struggling economy, managing money for most families today is a challenge. But there are steps you can take to make the most of your valuable resources. Here are six steps to consider: Realize your relationship with money Money is as much about emotion as it is ...

Family Matters

Living Beyond the Losses of Life: Hope and Healing in Recovery

Loss is a part of all our lives. At some time we will likely experience the death of a loved one, a shattered relationship or the debilitating effects of illness. How we cope with these significant tragedies is crucial in determining how we will survive, grow and eventually recover.  As the table below reveals, there ...

Family Matters

How to Deal with Infidelity

Athletes. Politicians. Actors. Many celebrities are making headlines these days, but not necessarily for their professional achievements. Instead, it seems like the rich and famous are becoming infamous for their marital mishaps. We read the headlines, hear the television reports and even gush about it with our girlfriends. “I can’t believe he cheated on his ...