Set Yourself Up for Success in the New Year

This time of year is all about celebration and hope for a happy and successful new year! A large part of that hope can hinge on the New Year’s resolution. Most people make resolutions intended to better ourselves and the lives of our families. However, there is a big difference between making and keeping those goals and resolutions.

Even the most specific and seemingly attainable resolutions can turn out to be merely wishes and wants that fall frail by February. Do you know what it takes to turn your resolutions into reality? Here are some key questions to ask yourself in order to help establish realistic and healthy goals.

Is my resolution reflective of my current priorities?
Many times we announce a resolution as if on autopilot because it sounds good, or because it is popular with most people. It may not even be among your current priorities. Or worse yet, it’s someone else’s priority for you. Your dreams today may be very different than they were a year ago. Have you grown or made improvements in your personal, family or financial life? If your circumstances or situations are different than they were a year ago, you may need to update your resolutions. Your goals should be reflective of your current priorities, rather than just leftover ones from the year before.

What are my resources to accomplish this resolution?
Having supportive people around you will be a great resource in working toward your goals. Keep close those friends and family who care about you and your success. You may even seek out a group in your community with similar goals, for support. Also, many times we don’t have the best information about how to pursue a particular goal, so we become frustrated and give up. As the new year begins, give yourself time to research your best options for moving forward. Speaking with an expert or researching your topic of interest will lay a foundation for an action plan, rather than just jumping right in and “winging it.”

What has stopped me before?
Assess what has caused you failure or frustration in pursuing previous New Years’ resolutions. Maybe you really wanted something and also believed you could do it, but had no plan or commitment to make it happen. Or perhaps your self-concept was weak, causing constant derailment. Another roadblock of success is having an “all-or-nothing” mentality. Simply because you slipped today and ate two pieces of chocolate does not mean your fitness goals for the year are out the window. You are not perfect. You can make a new decision any day, and in spite of past decisions. Don’t let unrealistic expectations pressure you into giving up!

Why am I choosing this resolution?
Working toward this particular resolution will be leading you toward an abundance of what? How will your life be different when you achieve this goal, and why does that matter? List the benefits that your resolutions will provide you personally and perhaps for those around you. Focus on your motivations – improved health, enhanced relationships, thriving children and a prosperous future, for example.

If you need professional help working through goals, barriers and achieving personal health and happiness, Centerstone’s professional staff can help. Whether it’s counseling or life coaching, Centerstone can provide you with the services you need to get on the road to a better you this New Year.