Seven Steps to Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Reduce the Pressure

  • See the goal as ongoing, active, living and flexible, not as an all-or-nothing 365-day commitment, which = failure. (Example: The “January gym bonanza.”)
  • Small steps: Progress comes from tiny repeated actions.

Remain Positive

  • A resolution that pulls you forward: something you want to move toward, not get away from. Instead of saying, “lose weight, stop smoking, and quit being negative…” Say, “make healthy decisions about food, regain energy, be in control of my daily decisions and see more of the positives in situations and people.”
  • Think in terms of intentions and what you’re looking forward to. Not what you “should,” “must,” “always” or “never” do.
  • If a goal is exciting as going to the dentist…

Reflect your Truest Values and Priorities

  • How do you define success? What are your highest values? (Family, faith, friends, etc.)
  • Do the actions of your day actually reflect these priorities?
  • Remember that “No” is a complete sentence when other less important demands appear.

Ritualize the Resolution

  • Attach it to part of your day and schedule. What specific and doable action can you integrate into your life on a regular basis? When, how and for how long?

Recognize the Power of Your Thoughts

  • Thoughts automatically start you moving in a certain direction, positive or negative. (Example: New car thoughts… you see that car everywhere.)

Regroup After Setbacks

  • Recommit and restarting is better than giving up.
  • Predict challenges and address how you will cope ahead of time.

Visualize the Rewards

  • Visualize your small and large successes and the new outcomes for your life. How has that resolution made a difference?
  • What will be the benefits and rewards of adopting this new habit? What will you have more freedom/time/energy to now do?