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We all experience stress from time to time, and most of us are aware of its damaging effects. Stress can contribute to heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, depression and infection, as well as to chronic aches and pains. If you are continually stressed, seeking assistance from a mental health provider like Centerstone can help you identify your priorities and help you develop coping strategies.

Symptoms of Stress in Adults

  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep, having nightmares
  • Having low energy or difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability, outbursts of anger
  • Crying, feeling sad
  • Excessive drinking or drug use
  • Feeling nervous or "on edge"
  • Constant worrying
  • Incapacitating self-doubt
  • Sudden painful emotions
  • Feeling apathetic or numb
  • Withdrawing from others

Symptoms of Stress in Children

  • Becoming angry or violent: hitting, throwing, kicking
  • Restless, more active than usual
  • Easily upset, whining or crying more often
  • Afraid to be left alone
  • Having nightmares, asking to sleep with parents or siblings
  • Regressive behavior: thumb-sucking, asking for pacifier, bed-wetting, etc.
  • Becoming quiet or withdrawn, not wanting to talk about a particular experience
  • Displaying symptoms of illness: fever, nausea, vomiting, headaches, loss of appetite (check with your physician)
  • Afraid of a particular incident happening again, asking if it will happen again

Effective Treatment

While some stress is normal for all of us, when stress begins to interfere with your daily activities, you may want to seek professional help. Centerstone's staff is trained to help you deal with the stress in your life in a healthy way. Our treatment is evidence-based and tailored to your needs.

Take our free, confidential mental health screening to help decide if treatment is right for you.

If you or someone you love needs help, contact us via email or phone:

Florida - 941-782-4150; Crisis Line: 888-291-4357 • Indiana - 800-344-8802; Crisis Line: 800-832-5442 • Illinois - 855-608-3560; Crisis Line: 855-985-0911 • Kentucky - 502-589-1100; Crisis Line: 502-589-4313 • Tennessee - 888-291-4357; Crisis Line: 800-681-7444