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Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption Services

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  • Ages: Children, Teens
  • States: Tennessee
  • Counties Offered: Middle Tennessee, Southeast, Southwest, Upper Cumberland, Knox, Smoky Mountain and East Regions and Shelby County

Centerstone provides Therapeutic Foster Care for children and teenagers in state custody.

Our Children

The foster children we serve are often between 12 and 18 years old, or sibling groups of all ages. Placements can be short or long term as needed. Some children need foster parents while working toward reunification with their families of origin, others need an encouraging home environment while working toward independent living. Centerstone also assists with adoption when that becomes a child’s permanent goal.

Treating Trauma through Integrated Services

Many foster children and teens have experienced trauma early in life such as physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect. Those experiences can impair their self-esteem, ability to trust and willingness to build relationships. Centerstone is a national leader in treating trauma through integrated physical and mental health services in Therapeutic Foster Care. We help you and your child work through emotional and behavioral struggles while focusing on all aspects of the child’s life including physical, educational, social, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

Training and Support

Our foster parents complete a free comprehensive training course. They learn about the complex challenges facing children in state custody so they can better respond to each child’s needs while providing a safe and supportive home.

Each child is assigned a Centerstone case manager who comes to the home regularly to ensure children and foster parents receive the essential care and support they need. If more specialized care is needed, we will help provide or coordinate other services such as outpatient counseling.

Foster Parents

Our foster parents meet the following requirements:

  • At least 25 years of age
  • Can be married or unmarried
  • United States citizenship
  • Pass a medical evaluation and background check
  • Have room for a child in your home and personal life
  • Have patience and a desire to help children who need extra care and support 

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To make a big difference in a child’s life, contact:
(844) 9-FOSTER (844) 936-7837
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