Independent Living

Independent Living program seeks to help young adults who are homeless but were in State’s care on their 18th birthday or are currently committed to the State’s care system. Serving disadvantaged youth ages 18 to 21, the program provides a safe home, with expenses paid provided the young adult is either working or attending school, or both. The program also provides assistance with:

  • Career development
  • Higher education
  • Development of independent living skills

The primary goal of the program is to help ease the transition from state custody, foster homes or residential programs into true self-sufficiency. In order to become and remain eligible for the program, all young people must be either working toward the completion of a high school diploma or GED, college or have steady employment.

This program is an essential part of ensuring a continuum of care to our youth to guarantee they become successful, contributing members of society. Ultimately, the goal for every youth is to learn the skills needed to become a successful, independent adult.