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7 Lives — Self-care is a necessary part of health. It most closely aligns itself with preventative medicine and gives an individual a sense of control and purpose in their own well-being. Oftentimes we overlook until illness, exhaustion, or crisis forces us to take care of ourselves.

7 Lives will help you become more self aware, more caring to yourself, and more aware of how you influence those around you simply by taking care of yourself.

This group’s moderator is a Personal Trainer, a Certified Professional Coach, an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner™ and certified in Aromatherapy and Nutrition. She can answer your questions about common issues like combat trauma, depression and life after war. This group focuses on increasing happiness in the lives of each member. This group is open to individuals who are interested in the 7 Lives class. You may sign up to receive updates on future classes and request entry to the group with Athena Scott-Rublee.

Trench Talk — An online group offering a space for conversation – both casual and deep – for the spouses and loved ones of service members. After over a decade of war, military family members are tired. Many are now caregivers for loved ones with war-wounds, visible and invisible. Some have limped through with their own wounds. All have juggled their own larger stories and the story of their life as the family member of a service member.

Trench Talk is run by military loved ones for military loved ones. It’s an ongoing conversation available any time. The moderators are both military spouses themselves and the people in the group range from loved ones of active duty to caregivers whose loved ones have PTSD/TBI and more. If you are looking for friends, need to vent or just want to connect with other spouses in a closed group where confidentiality is the expectation, join us.

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Trench Talk Parents — Mom and/or dad are often the caregivers for their wounded, ill or injured, service member child. In Trench Talk Parents, find community, support, friends and the feeling of belonging with other parents and parent caregivers.

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Whether you are retired or still active in your profession, you probably never contemplated the complete overhaul of your life when you began taking care of your adult child. Whether your veteran is completely dependent on you, or has issues you do not understand, Trench Talk Parents is a place to ask other parents questions. After all, who better to help than someone who has been there and can light the way for you?
Beyond Surviving — This group is for anyone who has experienced a sexual assault, or who wonders if they may have been. We will discuss the reality of sexual assault, the trauma it causes, and the many ways it may be impacting your life today. We will also look at how being a military service member or family member can magnify triggers and worsen the effects of prior abuse or assaults. Most importantly, we will explore tools to help you heal from this trauma, and move you from simply surviving to thriving. Please join us in this space where you can speak, heal, and thrive. You deserve it.

To register for this class, contact Pamela Jacobs.

Military Divorce Support — Military Divorce Support is an online supportive community hosted by Military Services Offered by Centerstone. This group is for anyone who has taken or is currently taking, our online Military Divorce Support class. Here, we will share resources and support one another between classes, and throughout this journey.

To register for this class, contact Pamela Jacobs.