The Living Room

Centerstone’s diversion program, The Living Room, is open in Louisville. Intended to be a safe, calming space for adults in crisis, Centerstone hopes to divert up to 90% of people in crisis from jail, the emergency room, or inpatient hospitalization. The Living Room was made possible with the support of The Louisville Metro Council.

The Living Room is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is located at 708 Magazine Street, Louisville, Kentucky, 40203.

The Living Room is in a pilot phase and open only for District 4 Louisville Metro Police Department drop-off. As the program expands, Centerstone plans to make it accessible to additional LMPD Districts and the wider community.

Living Room Services Provided:

• Peer support (persons with lived experience that have a mental illness or substance use disorder).
• Referrals to community resources and treatment programs.
• Health and vital checks.

For more information about The Living Room, please call (502) 589-1100.

The Living Room Flyers for Police