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Employee Assistance Program

Through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), we provide crisis intervention, assessment, referral and short-term treatment services to employees and their family members of participating employers.

Centerstone Solutions is a full-service EAP that serves organizations and their employees by identifying issues that may be affecting workplace productivity, morale, and overall effectiveness. We help you develop a workplace culture that attracts and retains talent, grows leaders, and supports employees to perform at their best through the following core services:

  • short-term problem-solving sessions and coaching for employees and their household members to resolve issues that may be hindering their ability to function at home or work and to achieve work and personal goals
  • management consultations and referrals to improve employee or work team performance
  • trainings that focus on leadership development, professional skills enhancement, increased workplace respect, and wellness
  • critical incident response to increase resilience following events that have impacted the workplace
  • work/life online resource to help with daily living needs, health and wellness, workplace effectiveness, and more
  • marketing/communication materials and tips to ensure that employees understand the EAP offerings and how to access services
  • wellness initiatives that consider a more holistic view of overall wellness dimensions

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