Becoming a Resident

Before you submit an application, please read this page.

To be eligible, you must fall within the following guidelines:

  • Be homeless or likely to become homeless in the next 30 days
  • Be 16-21 years old and living without children (If you are 16-17 years old, your parent/guardian must sign consent)
  • Apply to the program voluntarily and be willing to participate in a community environment (You will have roommates)
  • Have no recent violent charges/convictions and no sexual offenses; Victims of domestic violence are eligible for program entry
  • Be drug and alcohol free, or willing to participate in a treatment program if unable to pass a urine screen
  • Have the ability to follow rules and make a commitment to the program
  • Be able to live independently and are committed to working toward self-sufficiency
  • Are not at high risk of becoming suicidal
  • If you have a mental health or developmental disability and/or are taking medication, we will need to have a treatment plan, School Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), or some type of documentation from a professional outlining the diagnosis and┬átreatment
  • If Stepping Stones cannot meet relevant needs outlined on document, needs must be able to be met by another agency during your participaiton in the housing program

Stepping Stones utilizes a federally mandated database for intakes, tracking data, and exits.

View the guidelines for how this database is utilized and secured for your safety.

Two Major Rules of the Program:

  • You must have, or work toward obtaining, your high school degree or GED; High school eligible applicants are not required to be enrolled in school at time of program entry
  • You must be able to hold a job (minimum 15 hours/week for students; 40 hours/week for non-students); Applicants are not required to be employed upon program entry