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Sometimes it seems like you are fighting with yourself to feel good. While it’s normal to feel sad or less than perfect occasionally, feeling that way all the time—or even a lot of the time—isn’t. Information in this section can help you figure out if you should reach out to someone for help. Taking care of yourself is important because you are important. It also helps to know these signs, so you can help someone you know.

  • Depression – Teens are under pressure to fit in, succeed in school, get along with family and make important life decisions. These stressors are unavoidable and can lead to feelings of anger, restlessness and sadness. 
  • Self-Harm – Understanding why people cut can be difficult. Those who cut themselves are often trying to cope with pressures, relationship problems, emotions they can’t get a hold of or traumatic experiences. 
  • Suicide – It’s difficult to understand why someone would choose to die. But for someone who feels there is no hope, they believe suicide is the only option. It’s important to take the subject of suicide seriously at all times. 

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