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Empathy can help save a life — Bullying Prevention Month

For Bullying Prevention Month, we wanted to publish this first-hand account from a teen’s perspective. This blog post comes from a student in Pulaski, Tenn.

Admit it. We have all been guilty of bullying. We are judgmental people, and we laugh at people — whether it’s because of their looks, their clothes or even because they’re just different.
Different types of bullying
Sometimes the person doing the bullying may think they’re just “teasing” the other person, but I promise you, it matters to the person who is receiving the hurtful things we say and do. One form of bullying, highlighted for Bullying Prevention Month, is cyber-bullying. This is when someone goes onto social-media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and posts hurtful things about someone they normally wouldn’t say in person. Bullying should always be taken seriously. I had a friend who took their life because they’d been bullied. They were one of the several (still growing) numbers of victims. This issue needs to be addressed because it has gotten so out of hand. The next time, it could be your friend, your family member or even you as the victim of bullying.
WhoYouWant2Be’s take
It all boils down to empathy. We cannot stress enough how important it was to teach students empathy. It’s a subject that’s as important as teaching math and science. So, instead of bullying, show empathy towards another student. You never know: it may even save a life.
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