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What happens if I send a sext message?

Everyone’s doing it, right? It’s not that hard. Just pick up the phone, snap a picture and send it. What’s it going to hurt? What happens if I send a sext message?

Actually, you might be surprised.

For those of you living the last several years on North Pole, first of all let us say “welcome back.” Secondly, to get you caught up, what we’re talking about here is sexting. Sexting is sending, forwarding and/or receiving sexually explicit messages or photos by phone, computer or other electronic devices.

Once a sext message is sent it can affect everyone that receives and/or forwards it. One single sext message has a lot of consequences.


Take a tube of toothpaste and squeeze it into a sink. Now, put all the toothpaste back into the tube. You simply can’t

Like toothpaste, once you press “Send,” it’s out of your hands.

There’s also a few consequences you should know about.

So, What happens if I send a sext message?

If you’re interested in the following, then you probably should think twice before sending that risqué photo to your significant other:

  • Employment
  • College admission
  • Joining the military
  • Re-living the emotional consequences when old photos/sext messages re-surface

Because here are the cold, hard facts: Twenty-six percent of students said they have forwarded or shared a sext they’d received with a good friend. If that’s not alarming, it should be.


  • Never take images of yourself that you wouldn’t want everyone—your classmates, teachers, family—to see.
  • Never forward someone else’s sext message(s). It’s not funny, and could land you in serious trouble.
  • Report any unwanted sexual messages you receive to a trusted adult.
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