Our Values

Centerstone has evolved significantly over our 65-year history. We’ve expanded our services, our geography, and our affiliations. While our organization has changed and expanded, our singular focus on delivering care that changes people’s lives has not; it’s our noble purpose that drives us each and every day, connecting us to each other.

Like our noble purpose, our values inform everything we do — from what we do — to how we do it, from the way we treat our patients and partners to the way we treat each other. Rooted in care, they are the essence of Centerstone’s identity and have the power to transform us.

From the many thoughtful and helpful responses in last year’s Employee Engagement survey, an overarching theme of trust emerged, emphasizing how everything is better when we can trust each other. This insight led us to focus our values on building trust within Centerstone; trust among our employees and our patients. We know that trust grows by showing respect for others and their knowledge and skills, empowering individuals and showing you believe in them, proving yourself to be an expert in your job, and being a person of integrity who always does what’s best for others.

These four values — respect, empowerment, expertise, and integrity — form the foundation for building trust at Centerstone and are key to our continued growth and success.


We demonstrate high regard for patients, one another, partners, and regulatory obligations; we provide safe spaces for people to thrive under the support and advocacy of one another.


We encourage patients and employees to be authors of their own development; we give power to our community to solve problems and to take positive, results-driven action.


We strive toward mastery in everything we do, which leads to successful patients, colleagues, and company; by taking a growth mindset and a “best in science” strategy, we continually expand our skills.


We’re honest, transparent, and committed to doing what’s best for our patients and our organization. We openly collaborate in the pursuit of truth.

Letter from the CEO