One Hundred Champions

Centerstone is incredibly fortunate to have a cadre of strong supporters who tirelessly advocate for our clients and our communities. Our One Hundred Champions, a group of highly engaged and well-positioned national policy advocates, are the perfect example of such supporters. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, these selfless individuals banded together to drive congressional and federal agency support for the extension of emergency telehealth provisions. Throughout the pandemic, they have continued to advocate for legislative change that is so desperately needed. This action allowed for the delivery of uninterrupted care to millions of people across the country. No other organization was able to assemble and activate their supporters and yield this level of impact. We are eternally grateful to our One Hundred Champions and we look forward to seeing the positive changes they are able to instill on our organization and our industry going forward.

Illustration of Capitol Building in Washington, DC

Thank you to our champions!

Jamie Arnett
Janet Ayers
Carl Baxter
Carlos Beruff
Shay Binkley
Pamela Bollinger
Bonnie Brackett
Lee Brackett
Larry Bram
Ashley Brown
Jennifer Burba
Aaron Campbell
Ann Campbell
April Coffin
Deena Dodd
Ashley Overley
Lucy Duvall
Jennifer Embree
Mike Enos
Reed Farley
Mark Faulkner
Richard Fitzgerald
Reverend James T Golden
David C. Guth, Jr.
Jenny Hannon
Sharon Harlin Davis
Laura Hawken
Dave Hoppe
Thomas Johnson
Dan Kane
Tim Knowles
Melissa Larkin-Skinner
Douglas Leonard
Jon Lopey
Milton Mack
Thomas Mahler
Rick McCubbin
Brant McGee
David Melby
Ginger Meyer
Jonathan Mitchell
Jonathan Morphett
Allyson Neal
Tracy Neal-Walden
David Newgent
Dana Oman
Ukamaka Oruche
Robert Phillips
Waverly Robinson
A John Rose
Joan Seiner
Dave Severin
Jim Sweeten
Deborah Taylor Tate
Colleen Thayer
Nelson Jose Tiburcio
Libby Trautman
Ann Ulring
Raghu Upender
Lynn Welch
Robert Williams