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Five recovery quotes we could all use for emotional wellbeing

There are many sayings common to people in recovery. These sayings are not necessarily unique to recovery but they are often heard in the recovery community. Right now, our world feels a little more chaotic than usual to many people. Here are five popular recovery saying to help us get through today with a little ...

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Cyberbullying in the digital world

As communication technology continues to advance, people become increasingly connected through the web and social media. 95% of teens are connected to the internet, and 85% are social media users. While there are many benefits to our high levels of connectedness via social media, there is also a dark side: cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is bullying that ...

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What OCD is, and what it isn’t

In our own ways, we all have a desire for order, cleanliness and assurance. We have specific ways that we like to do things and may even become bothered when these usual practices don’t go our way. We even sometimes will call ourselves “OCD” for liking things a certain way. Because we are all constantly ...

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