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How being kind to others helps you

We all know the Golden Rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.” From childhood, we are told that kindness is an important part of life. Being kind to others helps make them feel good and helps make the world a better place. But did you know that being kind can also ...

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What makes a great foster parent

People are often hesitant about entering the world of foster care. Even if fostering is something they want to do, there are a variety of reasons they may feel unqualified to do so. So, what makes someone a great foster parent?   Diversity is important It is important for any program to have a diverse ...

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Recovering from Online Infidelity

Online infidelity is a cyber-affair through some digital communication method, whether text, email, social media or anything else. This cyber-affair could be solely emotional, or they may exchange sensual messages which can simulate a physical affair. For the cheating partner, it is a way of fulfilling some emotional, social or physical need outside of their ...

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