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Health & Wellness

Family talking

How to talk to children about parental substance use disorder

A major concern for parents struggling with substance use disorder is how to talk to their children about their addiction. As difficult as this conversation may be, it is a very necessary conversation to have with your children. Children are likely aware something is going on. Many children are afraid to speak up and ask ...

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sad man with dreadlocks and septum ring sitting on sofa, chin resting on hand

Understanding survivor’s guilt

Survivor’s guilt is a response to an event in which someone else experienced loss but you did not. While the name implies this to be a response to the loss of life, it could also be the loss of property, health, identity or a number of other things that are important to people. This event ...

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man holding hands over ears screaming

Letting go of anger and resentment

When someone does something that harms or offends us, we often respond with anger. Feeling angry at upsetting situations is completely normal and not something you need to feel guilty for. “When you’ve had your rights violated, safety threatened or peace stolen, you have the right to feel angry about it,” says Steve Adams, Family ...

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