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Moving Forward from Grief

It is hard to sum up 2020 with any word better than grief. Most of us have experienced some type of life-changing loss. Some have grieved losing a loved one to COVID-19 or other illnesses, and we have all grieved the loss of our normal routine. So how do we move forward into this New ...

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sad woman standing under pink petaled flowers holding up a smile drawing on a piece of paper

Mental Health Myths

It’s no secret that there is a stigma surrounding mental health. The stigma effects people’s willingness to seek mental health help, no matter how much they need it. Mental health isn’t always easy to talk about, and isn’t as widely understood as a result. Lack of understanding leads to widespread misconceptions about mental health. This ...

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woman in jacket walking on pathway between grass and trees during daytime

Maintaining recovery in the New Year

The beginning of each year always comes with conversations about new things people will start doing. People will adopt new hobbies, try new foods, travel to new places, and a whole host of other things. But what does recovery look like in the New Year? The New Year is just as good a time as ...

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