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David Guth, President and CEO, Centerstone America

Centerstone of America
David C. Guth, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Suzanne Koesel, LCSW, CEO, Centerstone of Indiana

Centerstone of Indiana
Suzanne Koesel, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer
Robert N. Vero, CEO, Centerstone of Tennessee

Centerstone of Tennessee
Robert N. Vero, EdD
Chief Executive Officer
Tom Doub, CEO, Centerstone Research Institute

Centerstone Research Institute
Tom Doub, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Debbie Cagle, CEO, Advantage Behavioral Health

Advantage Behavioral Health
Debbie Cagle
  Chief Executive Officer

Centerstone of Illinois and Kentucky
John Markley
Chief Executive Officer

Centerstone of America

Board of Directors

Richard Fitzgerald, Chair
James E. Sweeten, Vice-Chair
Philippa M. Guthrie, Immediate Past Chair
A John Rose, Secretary
David Guth, CEO

Linda Hobbs
Trish Lindler


David Guth, CEO, Centerstone America
David Guth
Chief Executive Officer
Barry Hale, Chief Operating Officer
Barry Hale
Chief Operating Officer
Steve Holman, Chief Financial Officer
Steve Holman
Chief Financial Officer
Robert J. Williams, PhD, Chief Policy & Strategy Officer and CEO Emeritus
Robert J. Williams, PhD
Chief Policy & Strategy Officer
and CEO Emeritus
Ramona Rhodes, Chief Operating Officer for Foundation and Corporate Communications
Ramona Rhodes
Chief Operating Officer,
Foundation & Corporate Communications
Gwen Watts, Administrative Chief of Staff
Gwen Watts
Administrative Chief of Staff

Michael Butler, Corporate Comptroller/Treasury Officer

Lynn Chappin, Regional Director of Human Resources

Sherry Harrison, MSSW, Corporate Compliance Officer

Christy Hooper, PHR, Vice President for Human Resources

Natalie Stone, Director of Web Communications

Centerstone Foundation

Board of Directors

George B. Stadler, Chair
Phil Krebs, Vice-Chair
Jack Wallace, Immediate Past Chair
Garry Kleer, Secretary
David Guth, CEO
Linda Brooks
Richard Fitzgerald
Philippa Guthrie, Esq.
Dr. Kay Whittington

Centerstone of Indiana

Board of Directors

Jennifer Embree, Chair
Linda L. Hobbs, Vice-Chair
Linda Trader, Immediate Past Chair
Bob Neth, Secretary
Suzanne Koesel, CEO
Bob Baltzell
Terrye Davidson
Dave Emmert, Esq.
Sharon Harlin
Gil Palmer
Steve Pritchard
Kristy Rowell
Brad Smith
Catherine Stephen
Steve Taylor


Suzanne Koesel, Chief Executive Officer, Centerstone of Indiana
Suzanne Koesel, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer
Shirley Arney, MBA, Chief Operating Officer for Clinic, Medical and Support Services
Shirley Arney, MBA
Chief Administrative Officer
Robb Backmeyer, MSW, MBA, Chief Operating Officer for Recovery Services
Robb Backmeyer, MSW, MBA
Chief Operating Officer

David Carrico, LCSW, Director of Adult Recovery Services

Thelma Chandler, LCSW Director for Clinic Services

Kathy Christoff, LCSW Director of Adult Recovery Services

Linda Grove-Paul, Vice President for Recovery and Innovation

Jenny Harrison, Vice President for Crisis, Access, and Clinic Services

John Kenny, Controller

Rona Krueger, MSW, Vice President for Quality Improvement 

Scott Lewellen, Director of Marketing and Public Relations 

Darcey Merideth, Director of Child and Family Services

Maria Nehrt, Director for Environmental Services

Amanda Pardue, Director of Clinic Services

Beth Rodriguez, Director of Development

Michelle Sears, Director of Authorization, Credentialing and Support Services

Greg Sidell, MD, Associate Medical Director

Bob Siegmann, MBA, LCSW, Vice President for Healthcare Integration

Vinita Watts, MD, Medical Director

Centerstone of Tennessee

Board of Directors

Mark Faulkner, Chair
R. Parker Griffith, Vice-Chair
Janet Ayers, Immediate Past Chair
Albert L. Menefee III, Secretary
Robert N. Vero, Ed.D., CEO
Kelly Crockett Crook
Father Fred Dettwiller
Vince Durnan, Jr.
Orville Kronk
Dana Oman
Carmen Reagan, DBA
Steve Saliba
Joan C. Sivley
Sperry Bell Stadler
James E. Sweeten
Deborah Taylor Tate


Robert N. Vero, EdD, Chief Executive Officer
Robert N. Vero, EdD
Chief Executive Officer
Ben Middleton, MS, Chief Operating Officer for Clinic Services
Ben Middleton, MS
Chief Operating Officer
for Clinic Services
John Page, LAPSW, Chief Operating Officer for Specialty Services
John Page, LAPSW
Chief Operating Officer
for Specialty Services

Sallie Allen, Vice President for Customer Care

Kris Blount, MA, Director of Adult Residential Services

Michelle Covington, MA, Director of Community Based Services for Children

Gino DeSalvatore, MS, Director of Residential and Academy Services

Rudy Gregory, MS, LPC, Regional Director of Clinic Services

Beth Hail, MSSW, LCSW, Director of School-Based Services

Matthew Hardy, PhD, Regional Director of Clinic Services

Elaine Hice, Director of Customer Care

Kim King, Executive Assistant 

Rebecca Marshall, MA, LPC, LPE, Regional Director of Clinic Services

Mary Moran, MS, LPC, Director of Community-Based Services for Adults and Seniors

Jack Noe, MBA, Director of Training and Staff Development

Brad Nunn, PhD, Executive Vice President for Measurement and Performance Improvement

Donna Reynolds, Controller

Karen Rhea, MD, Chief Medical Officer

Kathleen Rogers, LCSW, Director of Quality Improvement  

Ken Saefkow, MSW, MBA, Director of Adult Case Management Services

Jeney Slusser, Director of Advancement

Julie Spears, Vice President for Finance

Ken Stewart, MA, LPE, Regional Director of Clinic Services

Becky Stoll, LCSW, Vice President for Crisis and Disaster Management

Scott Valentine, RHIA, Director of Health Information Management 

Doris Vaughan, MEd, LADAC, Director of Prevention Services

Centerstone of Illinois

Board of Directors

Chris Julian-Fralish, Chair
Bonnie Brackett, Vice-Chair
Kim Kaytor, Secretary
John Markley, CEO
Bill Alexander
Shane Carsrud
Ronda Dunn
Jonette Eagles
Michelle Hamilton
David J. Melby
John Pohlmann
Dave Severin
Carol Zwick


John Markley, Chief Executive Officer

Karen Freitag, Chief Administrative Officer

Deborah Pape, Chief Business Development Officer

Jan Waller, Chief Operating Officer

Jean Alstat, Access Director

Kim Darnstaedt, Electronic Health Record Project Director

Kim Fleck, Director of Human Resources

Rob Ford, Vocational and Residential Director

Brad Friend, Assistant Director of Vocational Services

Shea Haury, Treatment Director

Robin Hawk, Assistant Director of Treatment

Helen Martinko, Assistant Director of Residential Services

Nikki Milt, Executive Assistant

Cathy Moehring, Director of Quality Improvement

Stacey Overturf, Director of Finance

Verletta Saxon, Assistant Director of Access

Centerstone Research Institute

Board of Directors

Thomas W. Mahler, Chair
Janet Ayers, Vice-Chair
Joan C. Sivley, Immediate Past Chair
Ken Shidler, Secretary
Thomas W. Doub, CEO
Trish Lindler
Gil Palmer
Nedda Pollack
Deborah Taylor Tate


Tom Doub, PhD, Chief Executive Officer
Tom Doub, PhD 
Chief Executive Officer
Wayne Easterwood, Chief Information Officer
Wayne Easterwood
Chief Information Officer

Russell Galyon
Chief Operating Officer

Liam Barry, Director of Technology Infrastructure

April Bragg, Vice President for Research Advancement 

Crystal Hurst, Executive Assistant

Jan Goodson, Vice President for Grant Writing and Research Communications

Karen Keene, Security Officer

Prasad Kodali, Vice President for Information Technology

Kathryn Mathes, PhD, Vice President for Research and Evaluation

Joe Moore, Director of Finance

Paul Robbins, Director of Clinical Applications Development

Frank Stevens, Vice President for Clinical Informatics

Advantage Behavioral Health


Debbie Cagle, Chief Executive Officer
Debbie Cagle
Chief Executive Officer
Sherry Harrison, MSSW, Chief Operating Officer
Sherry Harrison, MSSW
Chief Operating Officer
Kimberly Gray, ScD, Chief Clinical OfficerKimberly Gray, ScD, Chief Clinical Officer

Shawn Brooks, MA, Executive Director

Joyce Carden, Executive Assistant

Sarah Hirsch, MA, MBA, Director of Contract Management and Managed Care

Joe Moore, Director of Finance

Mark Uebel, Director of Business Solutions, Solutions EAP

William Weathers, Jr., PhD, Project Director ECN

Centerstone Military Services

Board of Directors

Mike McCalip, Chair
LTG Hugh Smith, Vice Chair
Debbie Cagle, Chief Operating Officer
Chad White, Secretary
Ann Campbell
Mike Enos
David C. Guth, Jr.
Albert Menefee III
Michael "Moose" Moore
Mary Ellen Rodgers 
Linda Peek Schacht


Debbie Cagle, Chief Operating Officer 

Jennifer Carr, Director of Programs

Joe Moore, Director of Finance

Melanie Riddick, Development Manager