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National Policy

Centerstone advocates for policy solutions that seek to ensure that patients in need of urgent mental health and addiction care can obtain the help they need, when they need it.

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Support Policy Solutions

Similar to laws that impact how we take care of our physical health, our nation has established many policies and guidelines that impact access, availability, payment, and treatment standards for mental health and addiction services. Help us break down regulatory barriers and expand access to mental health and addiction care by voicing your support.

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Our Priorities


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988 Lifeline


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Policy News


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Meet Lauren

Lauren Conaboy is Centerstone’s Vice President of National Policy. She works to advance policy and regulatory initiatives to ensure access to affordable, patient-centered behavioral health services that are based in value and quality outcomes.

Conaboy holds dual masters degrees in clinical social work and marriage & family therapy from the University of Louisville and an undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Prior to her engagement in the health care sector, Conaboy worked for nearly a decade running state and national public policy and advocacy campaigns, has engaged in multiple United Nations negotiations, and worked as a political consultant on the Hill.

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