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Addiction Recovery

Addiction, also known as Substance Use Disorder (SUD), is a serious chronic health condition where use of a substance is uncontrolled to the point where it creates social problems or results in risky use behaviors. The good news is: addiction is treatable. That’s why, at Centerstone, we’re committed to using evidence-based practice in our treatment programs. What does that mean? It means that the care plan we develop with you will be based on science and research provided by our Research Institute.

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Symptoms of Substance Use Disorders

You can develop an addiction to any drug including alcohol, legal/partially legal drugs such as tobacco and marijuana, prescription drugs such as opioids, and illegal drugs such as heroin and methamphetamine. Understanding the symptoms of a Substance Use Disorder may help determine if it’s time to seek treatment.

Substance Use Disorder Symptoms:

  • Feeling that you have to use the substance regularly
  • Having intense urges for the substance that leave no room for other thoughts
  • Building up a tolerance to the drug, causing you to need more
  • Not meeting financial obligations because of the money you spend on the substance
  • Ignoring problems that have developed as a result of using the substance
  • Stealing to get the substance, or other behaviors started out of desperation
  • Having withdrawal symptoms when you try to not use the substance

With substance abuse treatment options for both adults and children you can be confident in trusting us with your care.

Available Treatment Options

Treatment for addiction is not one size fits all which is why we work alongside our patients to understand their situation and identify a treatment plan that fits their unique needs. Addiction services can take place in a variety of settings including inpatient, outpatient and residential.

Outpatient Intervention Services

This can include regular substance abuse counseling sessions, meeting with peer support specialists who can use their personal experience to help you achieve recovery, or talking with someone who provides case management or wrap around services.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

IOP services are for adults who require more intense addiction recovery care than standard outpatient intervention services provide, but who may not need residential treatment or hospitalization. IOP can help treat addiction to drugs or alcohol and typically includes more intense individual and group work (generally 10-15 hours of treatment per week) while still allowing for time at home or work.

Support Groups

We offer a variety of different support groups where you can meet and talk with peers who may be experiencing similar challenges. These groups can help you find healthier methods for coping with stressful situations, learn ways to set limits and promote self-esteem, and prevent relapses by identifying triggers and improving coping skills. We also offer AA and NA support groups.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication-assisted treatment is a combination of medication and behavioral health services used to treat addiction to drugs or alcohol. FDA-approved medications are used in conjunction with therapy to calm overly-active areas of the brain, reduce cravings and increase your chances of long term recovery.

Inpatient Detox Services

Detox services are available for teens and adults that are struggling with addiction and require medical supervision to safely detoxify. While participating in services, you will receive a medical exam and lab work, as well as the opportunity to participate in leisure activities and any other needed treatments.

Residential Treatment Programs

Sometimes called inpatient drug rehab, our residential treatment programs are a great option for adults who need a higher level of addiction treatment without the need for 24/7 monitored care.  We offer these programs for treatment of addiction to drugs and alcohol and have a variety of room and board options, as well as the ability to serve pregnant women and individuals with co-occurring disorders. With residential treatment, we always build in time for meals, socialization, education, and leisure, in addition to therapy and other treatments.


Centerstone has many inpatient facilities which offer detox services to adults and teens struggling with addiction. A medical team monitors you during your stay to ensure comfort and safety. You will receive a medical exam and lab work. We also offer medication-assisted treatment with suboxone. Detox services are offered at:
  • Centerstone Behavioral Hospital and Addiction Center
  • Addiction Recovery Center
  • Centerstone Recovery Centers

Addiction Prevention

Our prevention services cover a broad range of mental health, substance use and public health concerns. Let us help educate children, adolescents and adults about how addiction is dangerous, but preventable. Topics include:

Inpatient Hospital and Facilities

Inpatient Detox Services

Centerstone provides detox services to adults and teens struggling with addiction who require medical supervision to safely detox. While participating in services, you will receive a medical exam and lab work. Sober fun and leisure are part of your recovery.

Individual, Group and Family Programs

Individual, group and family programs focus on:
  • the addiction process
  • stages of change
  • motivation to change
  • relapse triggers
  • family dynamics
  • continued sobriety
Inpatient services are offered at:
  • Centerstone Behavioral Hospital and Addiction Center
  • Addiction Recovery Center
  • Centerstone Recovery Centers

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Addiction

Your path to long-term recovery is supported by our team of experts. We cater to your individual needs through medication-assisted treatment as well as group and individual counseling. Our day and evening programs offer all of the support you need to recover while building your new life. Intensive Outpatient services are offered at:
  • Centerstone Behavioral Hospital and Addiction Center
  • Addiction Recovery Center
  • Centerstone Recovery Centers

Intervention Services

Adult and Adolescent Addiction and Intervention Services

Centerstone’s Intervention Services help you face destructive behaviors and recognize the impact on those around you. Our intervention experts, along with your family and friends, address you and encourage you to accept the treatment you need for recovery. Services include:
  • consultation
  • coaching
  • intervention
  • referral for treatment
  • transportation
  • follow-up/aftercare

Services for adolescents

Few parents know how to handle their child’s addiction. The pain can tear apart families and damage lives. Centerstone offers help and treatment for adolescents using drugs or alcohol. Our treatments are different for adolescents than they are for adults, often involving more intensive treatment. In addition, we work with both the adolescent struggling with addiction and their loved ones so that recovery can be fully supported.

Services for adults

Addiction services for adults focus on helping you overcome your addiction and build a community support system for the future. This support system will help if you experience a relapse. Even if you don't relapse, this support system will help you define and reach your goals – whether they’re employment, better relationships with friends and family or other objectives. Treatment is tailored to your needs, wants and goals.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

About Medication Assisted Treatment at Centerstone

Is a Medication-Assisted Treatment Program the right choice for me?

Centerstone's addiction services are here to support you on your journey to long-term recovery. Our MAT track will help reduce anxiety and provide you a safe and comfortable detox to help you enjoy your life again. We’ll listen to your concerns and help you choose the medication assisted treatment that is right for you. Treatment options include:
  • anti-depressants
  • buprenorphine
  • mood stabilizers
  • naltrexone tablets and injections

What are the benefits of choosing medication as a treatment option?

Medication-assisted treatment is one part of addiction recovery program's treatment for substance use. FDA-approved medications are used to calm overly-active areas of the brain, reduce cravings and increase your chances of long term recovery from addiction. Along with MAT, our addiction centers offer a state-of-the-art approach to help begin your journey towards successful recovery. You will learn coping skills and become more aware of your relapse triggers.

What are the medications used for treatment of opioid and alcohol addiction?

  • revia – a non-addictive, non-narcotic blocking agent
  • suboxone – a combination of burprenorphine & naloxone, which acts as an anti-craving medication
  • vivitrol – a once-monthly naltrexone injection which reduces odds of relapse

Can medication-assisted treatment help reduce the stress and anxiety I have about quitting?

Yes! Our team will help you choose the right treatment options for you so that you can fully focus on your recovery. Medications help you to:
  • decrease cravings and using dreams
  • increase abstinent days
  • decrease heaving drinking days
  • provide coverage between doses
  • increase rates of recovery
  • decrease risk of relapse
  • reduce risk of overdose

Other benefits of using Medication Assisted Treatment

Anti-depressants, mood stabilizers and anti-anxiety medications can also become part of your treatment and work to:
  • increase recovery success rates
  • improve your mood and feelings of depression
  • decrease uncomfortable symptoms
  • improve daily functioning and motivation
  • decrease inpatient hospitalizations
  • calm anxiety and stressors

Find a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program near you:

Centerstone Behavioral Hospital and Addiction Center Addiction Recovery Center Centerstone Recovery

Support Groups

Centerstone Support Group topics include:

  • spending outside time with therapists which includes games and music
  • learning techniques to connect you with the present moment; very helpful with anxiety and PTSD symptoms
  • finding healthier methods to dealing with stressful situations
  • preventing relapses by identifying triggers and coping skills
  • communicating with family and friends, avoiding conflict and managing suppressed feelings
  • getting support and guidance in overcoming feelings of sadness, hopelessness and other lows
  • finding healthier ways to manage feelings/behaviors of anger
  • learning healthy ways to set limits with others to promote self-esteem, respect and safety
  • managing stress, anxiety, and the future

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