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Inpatient Services

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Sometimes, it's important that people have a place to stay for a short time while they get the care they need.

The Centerstone Behavioral Health Hospital is a place for people who need care like this. We provide psychiatric care and other mental health services for adults, including:

  • individual therapy
  • family therapy
  • group therapy
  • medication management

We also provide detox services to adults and teens struggling with addiction who require medical supervision and help to detox in a safe and secure setting.
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Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a mental illness, not a choice. Centerstone’s professional and caring staff can help you along the road to recovery no matter what stage of addiction you’re going through. We offer award-winning care for addictions, and we even offer intervention services if you need help talking to someone you love about their addiction.
  • We use multiple paths to recovery, helping you create your own path.
  • We will connect you to the level of care you want, meeting you right where you are, focusing on your strengths and goals.
  • We help you realize your strengths. Relapse is seen as a learning experience and used to modify your recovery plan.
  • We help you build a network of support.
  • We help you create and maintain a safe community where you will do more than survive; you will thrive.

Psychiatric Treatment

Centerstone offers psychiatric services for patients of all ages. A psychiatric evaluation confirms a psychiatric diagnosis for the patient and also identifies other medical and psychological issues, which need to be considered in treatment. Medications may be prescribed to treat:
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • schizophrenia
  • PTSD
  • ADHD
  • other disorders
Along with psychotherapy and case management, other treatment may be offered. Centerstone employs a variety of professionals to ensure that we will have the right treatment team for you. This includes:
  • case managers
  • care coordinators
  • counselors
  • masters-level clinicians
  • psychologists
  • nurse practitioners
  • psychiatrists

Stepdown Treatment

Centerstone supports individuals on every step of their recovery journey. Individuals have access to the appropriate level of engagement monitoring including stepdown treatment options and a variety of therapy groups to aid in recovery.

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