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Speakers Bureau

Centerstone has more than 3,500 professionals, including psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, master’s-level clinicians, social workers, community support specialists, therapists, finance specialists, information systems technicians, administrative and support staff.

Our directory of renowned executive expert speakers makes it easy to find a behavioral and mental healthcare expert who is available for media interviews or organizations looking to book a Centerstone speaker for meetings, conferences and other events.

For questions, contact our press room at mediainquiries@centerstone.org or call (615) 460-4020.

Centerstone’s Executive Expert Speakers

David Guth

Chief Executive Officer

Expertise in:

  • Behavioral Healthcare Industry
  • Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Integration of Behavioral and Primary Healthcare
  • Information Technology in Healthcare

Helen Blacksburn

Helen Blackburn

Executive Director, Vocational and Residential services

Expertise in:

  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)
  • Residential Care
  • Vocational Development
  • Community Integration

Dr. Janet Taylor, Psychiatrist

Janet Taylor


Expertise in:

  • Community-based Psychiatric Care
  • Mindfulness & Self-Care
  • Racial Trauma
  • Implicit Bias
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Becky Stoll

Vice President for Crisis and Disaster Management

Expertise in:

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Crisis Continuum Services
  • Disaster Mental Health
  • Behavioral Health Industry Trends

Ashley Newton

Ashley Newton

Chief Operating Officer, Centerstone’s Research Institute

Expertise in:

  • Research-based Care Models
  • Clinical Models, Processes and Pathways
  • Integration of Research and Technology in Clinical Operations
  • Integrated Care

Shane Kuhlman, PhD

Shane Kuhlman

Chief Psychology Officer, Centerstone’s Research Institute

Expertise in:

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Behavioral Health Treatment Models
  • Addiction and Recovery

Lauren Conaboy

Vice President of National Policy

Expertise in:

  • Behavioral and Mental Health Policy and Regulatory Initiatives
  • Advocacy Campaigns
  • Telehealth Policy
  • Addiction Treatment Policy
  • The National Suicide Hotline Designation Act of 2020 (9-8-8)

Jason Hernandez, CHRO

Jason Hernández

Chief Human Resources Officer

Expertise in:

  • Human Resources Strategies
  • Leadership and Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Lisa Eggebeen

Lisa Eggebeen

Regional Director, Cohen Military Family Clinics at Centerstone

Expertise in:

  • Suicide Prevention and Intervention
  • Veterans and Military Families
  • Critical Incident Response (CISM)
  • Mental Health Education for Laypersons

Jessica Crosby Sullivan, PsyD

Jessica Crosby Sullivan

CCBHC Director

Expertise in:

  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Gender Issues

Dr. Robert Boxley

Robert Boxley

Director of Clinical Education

Expertise in:

  • Childhood and Adolescent Disorders
  • Care for Marginalized Populations
  • Adult and Senior Issues
  • Integrated Care
  • Police/CIT Education

Mandi Ryan, RN

Mandi Ryan

Vice President of Healthcare Integration

Expertise in:

  • Integrated Health Homes
  • Primary Care and Integrated Services
  • Tennessee Health Link
  • Case Management

Samantha Kolb

Samantha Kolb

Vice President, Quality and Innovation

Expertise in:

  • Addiction & Recovery
  • Child Welfare
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Crisis Stabilization & Intervention

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Speakers Bureau

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